10 WooCommerce Plugins for More Sales & Revenue Without Disturbing Customers (Sales Boost)
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More customers, more sales and even more turnover? Increase online sales through strategic upselling, discounts and bundling (product bundles/groups) as well as intelligent solutions such as "other customers were interested/also bought..." on Amazon, eBay and other well-known marketplaces. Here we show you the top 10 Sales Boost Plugins for WordPres + WooCommerce for guaranteed more conversions and sales. as WooCommerce Agency since 2008 we have seen a number of online shops come and go. It is often due to the lack of "selling". This article will help you to understand the importance of selling in the shop and that a nice little picture and a cool layout are far from enough.

10 WordPress Shop WooCommerce Plugins for more Sales & Revenue

It's much easier to grow sales from your existing customer base than it is to acquire new customers. One way to do this is through upsells at the point of purchase.

The key to successfully increasing ecommerce sales through upselling is to enhance your customers' shopping experience through your products and add-on recommendations. Attempting to sell additional products without demonstrating their value could result in you losing the sale altogether.

However, if your recommendations are relevant to your customers' needs, they'll appreciate options and reward you with future purchases.

  • Upselling – Offer a higher-priced product than what your customer has in their shopping cart. It is usually a newer model or an updated product with additional features.
  • Cross-selling – Offer additional products related to the existing products in your cart
  • product bundling - Offer a group or bundle of products at a discount
  • Coupons – Use coupons and gift cards to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases
  • shortage – Regardless of whether it is a small number of items or a limited time, scarcity creates a certain compulsion to buy
  • Exit Intent – The customer wants to go? Don't let him and offer him an unbeatable offer
  • generate trust - Show your customers active messages and information that prevent suspicion

When should you try to upsell?

There are three moments during your customer's shopping journey when you can offer them an upsell related to their purchase:

1. While shopping
Your customers may not have decided on a specific product when they made their purchase. This is a great opportunity to display higher priced product options or additions.

For years, Amazon has effectively used headlines like "Sponsored products for this item," "Frequently bought together," and "Customers who bought this product also bought..." to draw attention to other products.

As long as the items you recommend are related to what the customer is buying, you enhance the shopping experience.

2. When they view their shopping cart
Customers look at their shopping cart for many different reasons than when they are ready to buy. They may want to see how many items they've added so far, check their total cost, or confirm that all the items they've added are there. This is the perfect opportunity to offer a bundle or cross-sell as the purchase decision is ongoing.

3. During checkout
Checkout is a great place to offer add-ons like gift wrap and product warranties. But you can also make recommendations that increase the perceived value or convenience of the purchase. Adding batteries or accessories, for example, serves the customer's need by allowing them to buy everything they need for a specific product at one time.

WooCommerce offers many extensions that make it easy to increase online sales and serve customers through upsells. With these extensions, you as an ecommerce store owner can decide where and when product recommendations make the most sense for your store and your customers.

7 WooCommerce Extensions to Make Upseller Easier

Here are the best WooCommerce plugins and extensions to help you increase cart size while improving the shopping experience for your customers for more sales and revenue on your WordPress + WooCommerce store. All plugins can also be easily translated into German. Some plugins offer a direct function for this or you can use Loco Translate for translation. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

1. Intelligent discounts and vouchers (Smart Coupons)*

WooCommerce has a built-in coupon feature that allows you to create simple discount codes manually. However, if you want additional functionality, the Smart Coupons extension offers the creation of bulk coupons with unique codes. You can email the coupon codes to thousands of customers quickly and easily, driving more customers to your website. Bulk vouchers are perfect for the holiday season or when you want to boost sales.

With the Smart Coupons extension, you can easily offer store credit, gift certificates or free shipping to your customers. You can offer discounts on higher-priced items, multiple coupons, and limited-time offers. You can also create beautiful branded designs for your coupons and gift certificates.

Just make sure to activate coupons in WooCommerce before using Smart Coupons extension.

Also, Smart Coupons are compatible with Subscriptions extension, PayPal extension and many others.

Over 10.000 users agree that Smart Coupons are simple, reliable, and one of the most useful extensions available to add value to your customers, increase online sales, and drive traffic to your website. This is the all-in-one solution for discounts, coupons and gifts.

For more information on how to add coupons in WooCommerce, see the coupon management documentation.

2. Checkout add-ons*

If you want to offer paid or free services at checkout that apply to the entire order, e.g. For example, gift wrapping, rush handling, or shipping insurance, use the Checkout Add-Ons extension.

If you need add-ons for single products, use the extension WooCommerce Product Addons Plugin*.

Checkout add-ons also allow you to add fields directly during checkout, e.g. B. a license number or a file upload if you offer printing services. You can also add fees or discounts.

You can decide where to place the checkout fields on your page, either before or after the payment information. It's fully customizable.

Checkout add-ons are compatible with subscriptions and one-page checkout.

3. Cart add-ons*

The customer's shopping cart can contain anything they consider. However, that doesn't mean he can't add more items. Cart add-ons allow you to cross-sell and upsell by recommending other products on the cart page.

Adding images and descriptions that you may also like will give your customer additional options beyond what they already have in their cart. This could be an upgrade from a standard to a deluxe model that they may have missed when they made their purchase, or a related product that came with their purchase.

Studies have shown that when customers receive product recommendations at this point in the shopping experience, sales increase.

Cart Add-ons extension allows you to use your recommended articles via widgets, shortcodes or directly in your theme.

Don't miss such an easy opportunity to increase your sales.

Screenshot of the Cart Notifications extension showing a Free Shipping notification

4. Cart Notices*

Ever wanted to remind your customer of something you bought at the checkout, e.g. B. "Add another item for free shipping" or "If you order in the next 10 minutes, your product will be shipped today"?

Add as many messages as you like to the cart or use shortcodes elsewhere with the Shopping Cart Notifications extension. When you use short notes to motivate your customers to spend a little more or to buy now, you increase your sales.

There are five different types of notifications you can set with Cart Notifications:

  • Current order quantity
  • Deadlines
  • Referrer (where does a visitor come from)
  • depending on the products in the shopping cart
  • depending on the categories in the shopping cart
  • Set minimum and maximum quantities, specific product triggers, active days and deadline hours

For example, if your customer has $88 worth of items in their cart at checkout, they might see a message letting them know they can get free shipping for $100.

There is also an option to hide notifications when a specific product is in the cart. Suppose you have a discount for purchasing a specific accessory with a product, and the customer already has that product in their cart. If you set "Hide hint", no hint is displayed. If they remove the product, the notice will appear reminding them of the discount for buying both items.

You can also cross-sell by recommending other products with messages and adding a call-to-action button.

Cart notifications are a great way to increase sales by giving customers a reason to spend a little more while still feeling like they got a deal.

A very good extension and now included in the standard package in our WooCommerce shops is the overview for shopping cart abandoners with the option to contact them. For this we use YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin which is very powerful and combines analysis, marketing and ease of use.

5. Chained Products*

When chaining products, you link additional products to the main product and display them all on one page. The Chained Products extension makes this process very easy. You can also add free gifts or add-ons to purchases, or combine chained products for great discounts.

With the extension, you can now rate each chained product individually along with a bundled price, allowing your customer to choose to buy all products or which products to add.

For chained products, you can include featured products, "Works great with," or buy to get a deal. It manages your inventory and enables digital downloads, store credit offers and more.

Chained Products is also great for giving away customized products based on their purchase.

The Chained Products extension offers another way to increase your sales while providing value to your customers.

Product bundle extension screenshot showing how products are grouped

6. Product packages/groups (product bundles)*

Selling a bundle of products together at a discounted price is one of the best ways to increase ecommerce sales. The Product Bundles extension allows you to create product bundles, assembled or unassembled products, and kits.

The extension also lets you recommend optional items and create pick-and-mix packages. You can also pack parts together into complete products, whether pre-assembled or as kits that the customer has to assemble themselves.

You can customize the price of the package, shipping, grouping, and offer volume discounts.

Product Bundles works with various other extensions including Subscriptions, Name Your Price, and One Page Checkout.

7. Recommendation Engine*

Do you like the look and feel of Amazon's product recommendations? You can replicate these in your WooCommerce store with Recommendation Engine extension. It gives you visual views and descriptions for products, and even includes a go-to-action button for each one.

Recommendation Engine contains three types of view modules:

  • Products that other customers have also viewed.
  • Products frequently purchased by the same users during a single shopping session or over a period of time.
  • Products that are often purchased together show and bundle accessories or other add-ons.
  • You can easily choose between two types of widgets to display your recommendations. WooCommerce Recommended Products widget shows related products and their purchase history.
  • WooCommerce Purchased Products widget displays the products purchased together.

Using images to display product recommendations increases your sales and customers' shopping experience.

8. Discounted Product Combo (WooCommerce Product Combo with Discount Boost Sale)*

WooCommerce Product Combo With Discount Boost Sale Plugin is a simple and lightweight plugin used for upselling and cross-selling to invite customers to purchase related or complementary items. Directly integrated are a handy sale timer, option for percentage and fixed discount, each product generates a different discount for combo, shortcode generation for each combo product, shortcode usage to automatically display sale combo anywhere, RTL support and Multilingualism is possible with WPML.

The majority of the leading e-commerce retailers use cross-selling methods. For example, Amazon's "frequently bought together" and "customers who bought this item also bought" suggestions are highly effective, reportedly generating up to 50 percent of their sales. Examples from other retailers include "Shop the look" and "You may also like" product suggestions.

The biggest danger with cross-selling in ecommerce is that you annoy a customer with irrelevant offers. It is crucial that you only promote the right products at the right time. The right products are often items that are required or compatible with the items in the customer's cart.

9. Conversion & Sales Boost Bundle (Thank You Page, Trigger, Countdown/Timer, Cross/Up Selling Popups + Gift Symbol)*

The most powerful urgency and scarcity tool for WooCommerce. Create urgent campaigns to push visitors off the fence. Finale is the most powerful urgency and scarcity tool out there. Use this feature to schedule your sales, set up volume discounts, create offers, run recurring campaigns, and more.

Finale is an indispensable tool for setting up successful sales & promotions

  • Set up a store-wide sale or for handpicked items
  • View the offer deadline using the countdown timer
  • Set up an attractive Kickstarter-style counter bar to show real-time stock status
  • Place sticky headers and footers to let customers know about ongoing campaigns.
  • Curate ongoing listings on a single page to help buyers make faster decisions.

The most feature rich Custom Thank You Page plugin for custom thank you page in WooCommerce

NextMove increases average order value and same-day social media visibility. Use NextMove to create custom thank you pages and in turn increase repeat sales and social media visibility. Various customization options allow you to configure a thank you page without writing a line of code.

  • Activate the time-bound personalized coupon code to promote the next sale
  • Display recently viewed items to remind shoppers what they are leaving behind
  • Display social share box to gain likes and fans for automation via Thank You Page
  • Let them know about the upcoming in-store promotion so they can shop again

Sales triggers, social proof and much more for more confidence and the urge to buy

Use 7 psychologically empowered sales triggers on your product pages to build trust, create urgency, and drive action. Use seven psychological triggers including the bestseller badge, recent sales activity, warranty trigger and more. Together, they gain your customers' trust and turn your WooCommerce product pages into a persuasion machine.

  • Display the items in stock to cause shortages
  • View the potential savings that can trigger loss aversion
  • Share recent sales activity to activate social proof
  • Provide a bulletproof guarantee to show your commitment
  • Highlight your store's best-selling items with a prominent "Best Seller" logo

XL Sales Triggers bring your product pages to life and ensure more sales. This is the best investment you can make to optimize your product pages.

Get up to 30% discount on the bundle. With Conversion Essentials, you no longer have to struggle with WooCommerce's limitations, improve its features, and sharpen your conversion arsenal.

more about this Sales Plugin Bundle in the blog article (click here)

to the plugin bundle offer*

10. WooCommerce Boost Sales – Upsells & Cross Sells Popups & Discount*

WooCommerce Boost Sales stimulates customers to buy through upselling and cross-selling. Increase sales and profitability of your website and stores. WooCommerce Boost Sales allows you to add up-sell and cross-sell products in a WooCommerce independent system. Upselling is the practice in which a company attempts to persuade customers to purchase a high-end product, an upgrade, or an additional item in order to achieve a more worthwhile sale. For example, a seller can encourage a customer to purchase the latest version of an item over the current cheaper model by pointing out its additional features. A similar marketing technique is cross-selling, where the seller suggests purchasing additional products for sale. For example, he might say, "Would you like some ice cream with that cake?" It's beneficial for businesses to use both techniques to increase sales and create a valued customer experience. However, research has shown that upselling is generally more effective than cross-selling.

  • Up-Sale: Display the up-sell popup after clicking Adds to cart button, and suggest customers to buy up-sell products which will bring you more profit.
  • Cross-Sale: Show cross-sell popup on single product page, cart page and checkout page. Suggest customers to buy bundle product which has lower price.
  • Discount Bar: Shows how much you need to spend to get a discount. Encourage customers to buy more products.

Features of probably the best boost sale plugin for WooCommerce shops


  • Show up-sell pop-up: Show an up-sell pop-up that shows up-sell products when customers click the Add to Cart button. Up-sells products are similar products but give you more profit.
  • Sync data with WooCommerce: Sync products with WooCommerce system.
  • Add up-sell products to each product: Configure which products are shown in the up-sell popup for each product.
  • Hide on individual product pages: Enable/disable the popup on individual product pages
  • Show All Category Products: Show all category products that customers add to cart in up-sell pop-up.
  • Exclude product: Select products that should not be shown in the upsell popup.
  • Customize pop-up - Sell pop-up: Choose the pop-up style, customize how many products appear in the pop-up, and customize the message. Show up-sell pop-up: Show an up-sell pop-up that shows up-sell products when customers click the Add to Cart button. Up-sells products are similar products but give you more profit.
  • Sync data with WooCommerce: Sync products with WooCommerce system.
  • Add up-sell products to each product: Configure which products are shown in the up-sell popup for each product.
  • Hide on individual product pages: Enable/disable the popup on individual product pages
  • Show All Category Products: Show all category products that customers add to cart in up-sell pop-up.
  • Exclude product: Select products that should not be shown in the upsell popup.
  • Customize pop-up - Sell pop-up: Choose the pop-up style, customize how many products appear in the pop-up, and customize the message.


  • Product Bundles: Create product bundles and sell them at discounted prices.
  • Show cross-sell pop-up: Show the cross-sell pop-up with a product bundle that contains the product that the customers will buy.
  • Display Under Add to Cart Button: Display cross-sells bundle under Add to Cart button on single product page.
  • Configure which page to show: Choose which pages you want the cross-sell popup to appear on.
  • Select the product bundle to display: If a product consists of 2 or more bundles, you can choose whether to display the highest price or just randomly.
  • Variation Products: You can add variation products to the cross-sell bundle. Customers can also select the variable option directly in the popup.
  • Customize the message: Customize the cross-sell pop-up message (wait, we've got this offer just for you).
  • Unlimited Theme: Customize cross sell bundle with background, text, icon and initial delay.

DISCOUNT BAR (Discount Bar)

  • Discount Progress Bar: The discount progress bar shows how much customers have to spend to get the discount. (The basis is the discount voucher of the WooCommerce system).
  • How Much More: Support users know how much more to spend to get the discount.
  • Sync data with WooCommerce: The plugin to sync data with WooCommerce. You can select the coupon created in WooCommerce system to display in the discount progress bar.
  • Thanking Customers: When a customer reaches the discount minimum, a THANK YOU message is displayed to congratulate them.
  • Customize discount progress bar: Unlimited customise. You can customize the progress bar's position, color, background, description, and messages.
  • Automatically go straight to checkout page: Allows to be automatically redirected to the checkout page after reaching the discount.


  • Auto Update: Enter your purchase code and the plugin will be automatically updated whenever a new version is available. You can only use the automatic update during the ongoing support period
  • Support RTL website: The plugin support RTL websites, backend, popup… will be shown on the right.
  • Works on Mobile: Woocommerce Boost Sales works perfectly on mobile.
  • Speed ​​and Performance: Plugin uses Ajax technology. Pop-up loads when customers add products to cart
  • Easy to use: Friendly interface and easy to use.

Additional tips for increasing sales and even more sales in the shop

  1. Read on Franz Sauerstein - Owner of the WooCommerce agency Xciting Webdesign - How to generate more customers, increase your average shopping cart turnover and turn more customers into regular customers - and thus systematically increase your sales.
  2. Take advantage of that Trusted Shops seal for trust, buyer protection and ratings as well as Google stars
  3. Easily view how many times the product has already been purchased. There is one for that Sales Count plugin, which is active with just a few clicks and provides more trust for potential buyers
  4. Use a nice picture of you or an employee as a personal contact for more trust and against anonymity. This sets you apart from big shops
  5. Show your shop, premises, etc. (if available) and thus create trust

Offering compelling use-it-or-lose-it deals at the point of purchase is a proven way to increase sales. These seven extensions offer different ways to achieve this through upselling, cross-selling, chaining or bundling products, discounts, coupons, and gift cards. And you give your customers a positive shopping experience that encourages customer loyalty.

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