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Communication needs visibility.

Maximize your traffic now Search Engine optimization, Search engine marketing and targeted Online Marketing Strategies. Increase your sales and profits permanently with professional search engine optimization of your website.

Search engines search the Internet for websites and save them in an index. If you enter search terms in a search engine, the terms are compared with the websites stored in the index and the search results are sorted according to the relevance of the pages. The results are sorted according to criteria that can be specifically adapted in the course of search engine optimization.

pictibe has turned out to be SEO Search engine optimization agency aimed at marketing commercial websites in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and ask specialized. Our strength is Search Engine Marketing SEM, search engine optimization (SEO) as well as the targeted one AdWords Optimization (SEM).

From the complex web design to the customer-specific strategy for search engine optimization, advertising and social media activities, we support and advise you in the online marketing of your existing and future website, platform or Online-Shop.

Online marketing for your entrepreneurial success, because more than 90 percent of internet users use search engines! Use the potential before others do.

We provide you with the conception, design and implementation of effective online marketing, including the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization from a single source! We program according to current standards Content Management Systems and eCommerce systems and always ensure that your website complies with these guidelines. These standards are through that World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) firmly defined.

Content Marketing, i.e. the relevance of the content and the associated visibility on the web is particularly important to us. Along with high quality Landingpages, newsletters and one Conversion Optimization, sustainably increase your sales.

Two areas are crucial On-page optimization and on the other hand the Off-page optimization. On-page optimization always focuses on the website, e.g. programming or preparing the content of your website. Off-page optimization, on the other hand, extends to all external influences, such as external links to a website.

We always optimize your website cleanly, Google Panda Update compliant and using legal methods, both on-page and off-page. (Guaranteed no BlackHatSEO!)


The main achievements in online marketing – SEM search engine marketing

SEO Search Engine optimization

The Onsite/offsite optimization includes the creation of new or revision of old content of your website. With more than a hundred different factors, we optimize your website regionally and nationally tailored to your target group. We take advantage of modern search engines and algorithms. To do this, we revise your content and concepts in order to generate a noticeable increase in hits in common search engines and thereby reach more potential visitors and customers.

SEA search engine advertising Google Adwords

Google AdWords and Google Shopping as well as other advertising platforms offer you high-performance and user-oriented online advertising measures with full cost control, e.g. via click payments. You always control your budget and the progress using the statistics system.

Content marketing and social media (ads)

Interesting content well prepared and accordingly in social networks shared for even more advertising effectiveness with a small budget and that sustainably! Where CPC (Cost per Click) is pure money burning, we start and optimize your page with good content before starting a campaign and make it efficient for more conversions = contact, purchases and leads.

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Especially in times of AdWords and Facebook Ads, more than half of all entrepreneurs burn more than 80% of their budget through incorrect use and without statistical control. Let us advise you professionally and invest your money better and more efficiently.

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