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If you want to offer the choice of preference in the cookie banner notice on the WordPress site, you should click on the Plugin Real Cookie Banner* To fall back on. This is probably the best alternative to Borlabs Cookie, Cookiebot, Complianz and co.

Probably the best Borlabs cookie alternative with over 100 templates & content blockers with customization solution

Above all, consent that conforms to the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive is important. In everyday life we ​​see pages with cookie banners that load Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and co. As is well known, these are the “worst offenders” and should generally be prevented in any case.

The main advantage really lies in the automatic detection of new OptIn notices when changes are made globally or on individual subpages. Real Cookie Banner comes with 100+ service templates and 60+ content blocker templates:

  1. Automatic verification of all subpages on services used on each indexed page in the sitemap
  2. Detection of external services (with and without template) based on HTML markup
  3. Detection of known WordPress plugins, JavaScripts, etc. in all locations through website scans

To put it simply: The plugin reports itself if something has to be changed or updated in the cookie banner and the notices.

Further down in the article we list the features of the alternative.

Note: there is even one free alternative, which we do NOT recommend because the most important advantages are missing and the 39 euros per year would be saved at the wrong end!

to the cookie banner comparison*

Directly to the Borlabs Cookie Alternative Plugin*

Our 20% discount code in the first year on all packages: PICTIBE

A great video by Lea Giltjes about the Borlabs alternative for the cookie banner:

Cookie banner example

The Borlabs Cookie Alternative we like because of the Simplicity through automatic detection particularly good. Who nevertheless up Borlabs Cookie* can of course continue to do so, but Real Cookie Banner simply outweighs the price-performance comparison.

I scan your website and automatically find the services you use!

Functions of the WordPress Cookie Plugin as Borlabs Cookie Alternative:

  1. Simple consent management
  2. 100+ service and 60+ content blocker templates for cookies, tracking, social tools etc.
  3. Practical checklist for possible legally secure setup
  4. Content blocker for video content, external JavaScript etc. (execution of opt-in and opt-out scripts)
  5. Easily customize the theme using the Customizer (Admin sidebar > Theme > Customizer
  6. Guided configuration -> really easy!
  7. Full documentation of consent
  8. Natively integrated into WordPress without external cloud services etc. (like some other plugins)
  9. Developer licenses included for staging sites or tests
  10. Support (live chat / email)

In summary, it really is a full-featured cookie plugin and consent management for WordPress.

Use Real Cookie Banner Plugin now*

A very rudimentary and simple solution as an alternative to Borlabs Cookie:

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin Solution with Opt-In Banner 2021

Florian Ibe
Florian Ibe
is the founder and owner of pictibe. He describes himself as one of the lucky ones who were able to turn their hobby into a career. His daily task is to reduce complex relationships to the essentials and to develop a direct message for customers and employees.

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