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A brand wants to be more than just a word on a business card. We encounter successful brands every day because they are lively, versatile and changeable. We make your brand tangible with all your senses right from the start - from the positioning on the market to the corporate design: a brand experience with a consistent focus on the target group.

Strategic branding as a process with strategy: This is how we shape the growth of your brand aggressively and sustainably.

Brand building is the process with which we achieve steadily increasing awareness and customer loyalty for both start-ups and the relaunch of existing brands. Our approach is based on the many years of experience of our brand experts, who have already supported many companies in brand building. With a roadmap that can be flexibly customized to your requirements, we start the process of branding and get closer to your new brand together step by step.

In a first non-binding consultation you have the opportunity to get to know our brand agency. We are happy to provide initial recommendations for measures that are perfectly suited to your brand development.

Florian Ibe

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Florian Ibe

Analysis & workshops
The branding process usually begins with an analysis of the competition, market assessments and an intensive examination of the needs of potential target groups. Based on these first measures, we carry out further brand consultation. For the first steps, ideally we will sit down together with you in a compact workshop. Valuable preparatory work can be done through the workshop, which often requires a multiple of time and communication in other ways. In this way we create clarity together in a short time and define goals that we can work towards for and with you.

Pinpoint brand communication
Once the needs of the customer and the target audience have been determined, the next step is to consider how the brand can communicate to target customers while differentiating itself from the competition. How can your brand with unique selling propositions (USPs) assert itself against other providers and where does the market offer corresponding niches? A communication concept developed by us provides answers and initial solutions.

Conception of measures
Measures and long-term strategies for action are drawn up based on tangible figures and results. Only when the strategy is complete do we initiate further steps such as creating a corporate identity and other marketing and design measures. For large projects, this moment is just the starting signal - this is where the creation of the digital products begins, which carry your authentic brand image to the outside world via various channels.

Branding | branding

Branding is the process of creating a unique identity for a company, product or service that can be easily recognized by consumers. This includes the strategic development and positioning of a message that resonates with the target group and creates an emotional bond. Branding also focuses on creating an overall experience and atmosphere that increases customer loyalty and leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Brand Strategy | Brand design

Brand strategy is an important element of a company's overall marketing plan. It consists of the analysis, the goals, the budget and the tactics to achieve those goals in order to achieve a successful brand presence in the market. Branding strategies include defining the target audience, positioning the brand in the competitive marketplace, creating a memorable brand identity, and developing messages to communicate with customers.

Brand positioning | Brand experience

Brand positioning is about creating a unique market position for your brand and setting it apart from the competition. It's about creating an image, identity or look and feel that sets you apart and makes you memorable in the minds of consumers. This can be done through creative design elements such as logos, colors, fonts, icons, taglines and messages, as well as using visual elements such as product packaging, photos and videos including comparison to the market.

Corporate branding agency for branding, brand strategy & brand positioning

Purposeful workshops
Sit down together and see things from a new perspective. Workshops are often the cornerstone of a long and successful collaboration. Workshops are also a valuable foundation for branding and brand strategy, in which we work with you to develop implementable ideas, measures and targeted strategies within a very short time.

Brand positioning
Brand and market – we ensure that both fit together. Of course, part of the positioning strategy is that we understand your target group fundamentally and recognize where the market offers opportunities to establish yourself. Once we have all the building blocks for unique brand communication, they are bundled into a differentiation strategy.

Corporate Identity
A brand can have many faces, but the corporate identity is your anchor that unites the most important principles and to which one can always return before reinventing oneself. Under our guidance, you will discover the core that makes your brand unique: brand name, brand values, attitude, corporate language and mission statement. In this way, your brand identity, from the boss to the staff, will be authentic, uniform and full of enthusiasm, which will also inspire customers.

Corporate Design
With good design, the brand comes to life. Our Corporate Design ultimately gives the brand a face that is based on all conceptual preliminary work and embodies the defined values ​​in a modern and unique way. Our corporate design makes your brand irresistible - on the screen, on paper, everywhere.

digital branding
brand done and then? Now it has to be present 24/7 and as a digital branding agency we offer here together with our SEOs and SEAs as well as social media experts the ideal solution as a full-service agency. This means that your brand will also be properly perceived with performance marketing - guaranteed!

pictibe brand workshops: Get to the new brand faster and more directly

We take the first step together with you. The brands of tomorrow find their roots in compact workshops at your site or in our specially equipped workshop premises. Our brand-centric workshops offer you various options for getting started with the branding process.

Identity Workshop
This is where the course is set so that everyone will work in the same direction in the future. Values, attitude, identity - inspiring and clearly defined as a compass for management and staff.

UI/UX workshop
Design and functionality in a nutshell so that your digital product offers the user that certain something they were looking for. Designed for the target group and ready for the future.

positioning workshop
Every brand has potential for differentiation. All you need is an experienced partner who can find the right market niche. Competition, target audience and more - all in the positioning workshop.

more about our workshops

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