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Finding the right keywords isn't always easy, and if keyword analysis isn't done properly, you're optimizing in the wrong direction. With a professional keyword research + analysis you don't just get words, but metrics, key figures and an evaluation of each keyword + their competition and the matching top 10 competitor websites in the search results at the same time.

Keywords are defined by people, not machines. If we use these keywords, we reach man + machine!

A detailed research is always at the beginning of each optimization. By means of a Premium SEO Keyword Tool the main keyword, also the focus keyword, country/region and language are set. These factors can also be used to narrow down regional differences and other language usage.

So this is how it begins keyword search. On the keyword generator are created for online marketing, search engine optimization, but also search engine marketing and search engine advertising (SEA PPC Google AdWords Ads).

Unlike the free Google Keyword Planner or Google Suggest, you get numerous Metrics, scores, and competitor data about the value and search volume of a keyword better to be able to assess (see below the list + explanation).

We therefore always emphasize correct or appropriate SEO Keywords find, so really a success with one keyword optimization becomes noticeable. Of the Keyword Ranking Check before and after the search engine optimization is then balanced together with the keyword density of 2-3% important. This is the only way to get a text that is interesting for both Google and users.

By means of explicit Long Tail Keywords you can also do that keyword ranking massively improve and increase your relevance in the long term - regardless of whether it's a company website, online shop or profile on marketplaces, etc.

With our analysis you can Find Google Keywords, which also for Bing, The Amazon, YouTube etc. can be used for optimization. the Language (German, English, French, Spanish etc.) as well regional delimitation is freely selectable.

Now the right ones SEO Find keywords with a professional keyword research and have the keyword analysis done

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    How much does a keyword analysis / research cost?

    When we do keyword research and create the analysis, you don't just get a list, but competitor data, information about backlinks, and information about the individual values ​​and metrics.

    In addition, we are also happy to give tips on what the keywords should be evaluated for SEO, Google Adwords (Ads) or Bing Ads and other portals and search networks.

    89 -
    ✔ 1 focus keyword
    ✔ Up to 200 related terms with all relevant analysis data
    ✔ 10 main competitors to the focus keyword or the main synonym
    Advice on more relevant keywords
    169 -
    ✔ up to 5 focus keywords
    ✔ Up to 1.000 related terms with all relevant analysis data
    ✔ 50 main competitors to the focus keyword or the main synonym
    ✔ Short written information and tips on relevant keywords
    399 -
    ✔ Up to 1 hour of telephone advice and tips on everything SEO
    ✔ 5 focus keywords
    ✔ Up to 1.000 related terms with all relevant analysis data
    ✔ 50 main competitors to the focus keyword or the main synonym
    ✔ Targeted advice on what should be adapted from the competition

    Start your keyword optimization now SEO Keyword research + analysis.

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    Florian Ibe

    The most common questions and answers about keyword research and analysis

    What is keyword research and how does keyword research work?
    The keyword research is the basis before the analysis. Based on a so-called focus keyword (1 word or search phrase = several words), a list of similar and related terms from the same subject area is created. Thus, relevant words are automatically listed according to the "focus". Based on the relevant search terms, the best possible SEO-Text, product description or an ad text can be created. However, a detailed keyword analysis follows first. This is at the beginning of every search engine optimization and forms the basis for it SEO strategy and is enormously helpful.

    What is keyword analysis and how does keyword analysis work?
    Analysis is the step after research. Once you have the keywords in a list, you sort and compare the metrics and look for the right keywords and word phrases. Depending on the competitive factor and competitor analysis, a decision must then be made as to whether and how search engine optimization should look. In the case of paid ads from Google Ads or Bing Ads, the PPC and the competition should be used to decide whether it is worth investing here.

    SERP = Search Engine Results Page = Describes the result page(s) of a search engine when searching for a specific search query (keyword)

    keyword = Search word as a single word or phrase (several words; also called long-tail)

    Avg. SearchVolume = average search volume per month (calculated within the last 12 months)

    Location = Country of analyzed data

    CPC = estimated cost per click (cost per click in Google Ads)

    PPC = level of competition/percentage of competitors (competitors)

    KD = Keyword Difficulty = Competitor/competitor analysis to get on the first page or 1st place (0-20 = easy, 21-35 = more difficult, 36-50 = difficult, 50+ = 1-2 years of intensive work) – simply put, the difficulty of the keyword for SEO (search engine optimization)

    Search Volume XX/XXXX = average search volume this month

    Domain Authority (DA) = A ranking factor from Moz ( that predicts how well a domain will rank. The calculation is done by evaluating the domain, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.

    Page Authority (PA) = A ranking score from Moz ( that predicts how well a particular page will be rated. The authority calculation includes link counts, MozRank, MozTrust, and dozens of other factors.

    Citation Flow (CF) = Developed by Majestic (, focuses on connection quantity (link quantity). It predicts how influential a URL is based on the number of websites it links to - quality and quantity of links.

    Links = Number of external backlinks to the URL. The number of referring domains, IPs and subnets is also taken into account

    FB = Number of shares on Facebook. How often the post was measurably shared and republished.

    LPS = Total link profile strength (up to 30 normally accessible, over 30 a lot of work and from 50 only possible with portal)

    EV = Estimated visits per month on this SERP position (search result position). Calculated from the average monthly search volume.

    SEO Difficulty Values ​​/ Rating:

    • 0 – 9: effortless
    • 10 – 19: go for it
    • 20 – 29: easy
    • 30 – 39: still easy (still easy)
    • 40 – 54: possible (possible)
    • 55 – 74: hard
    • 75 – 89: very hard
    • 90 – 100: don't do it
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