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Sign up for Google My Business and enter your company / company
Your personal Google Maps entry

Just as local company you have to Google Maps about one Google My Business entry being found. It used to be important, now it's essential. Especially in Retailshop premises, Restaurants, doctors, Lawyers, therapists, Hotels and Consumer Services A listing with a free entry on Google as the leading search engine is the fastest and cheapest way to be found easily - potential customers search locally and find your business - always and everywhere guaranteed!

However, an entry alone is not enough, since the functions and possibilities are very diverse and decisive for finding one on the Google map and in the Google local pack are. We help you with the registration, implementation, confirmation, optimization and maintenance.

The most important contents of a Google entry with a company account / business account are:

  1. Company name with a clear definition in the name
    Fritz & Mueller GmbH = Bakery & Confectionery Siegburg – Fritz & Müller GmbH
  2. correct address
  3. logo and photos
    At least logo and 5 photos of outside and inside; Employee photos, videos and 360° view optional
  4. Specify opening hours correctly
  5. Contact details + internet address
    Tip: If you don't have a website, use your Facebook page or Instagram profile!
  6. Request first reviews directly from friends, acquaintances and existing customers
    (ideally with photo)

Register your company and business on Google
Google My Business + Maps properly and professionally optimized

What we do for you as an online marketing agency:

  1. Creation of a clean Google account with a central address (alternatively existing account is used) + confirm Google account
  2. Sign up for Google My Business and register and register with Google companies using an official company entry
  3. Create an optimized Google Maps entry as a Google page with the best findability
  4. Allocation as business directory entry with Google Local SEO (determine suitable search category)
  5. Upload details, contact details, opening hours, logo, supplied image material (alternatively stock images) in the correct format and good quality
  6. description text SEO-optimize and populate with correct keywords
  7. Verify Google Phone Number / Verify Address & Enter Google Verification Code
  8. Check after 14 days whether listing was successful

Special Price:
only 299,–
instead of 399 -

We would also be happy to help you with the entry and optimization of business directory entries, listing on Bing, Yelp, etc.

Florian Ibe

Your contact for Google optimization:


Florian Ibe

Google My Business Entry Maps Location Company Business Optimization

Other agency services related to Google My Business & Maps entries in the Local Pack

Optimize Google My Business and be found better on Google Maps

Do you have an entry but you can't find it easily? Let's take a look and optimize it for the best local findability of your company for more visitors and thus more sales!

199 -

Change / edit / adjust existing Google location, Google entry

Have you moved, have a new telephone number, a new address or would you like to add or correct something? We do it reliably for you. This also applies to entry changes of special opening times for the current year.

89 -

Enter and optimize multiple locations on Google My Business

You have several locations and would like to enter them in Google Maps in the Local Pack, optimize them and manage them with a Google account? No problem, we'll do it for you.

ab 89 -

Google Maps business not showing? Immediate help from professionals!

Send us an exact description with address and we will check the Google Maps entry to ensure that the company entry is correct.

ab 49 -

Merge multiple listings and/or Google accounts

Do you have multiple accounts and duplicate entries and want to take them over or just manage them with one account? No problem! This process is a little more time-consuming but can be completed within 14 days.

ab 89 -

Create Google My Business website

You don't have a website and would like to use the function of your own website in My Business? We create the basic structure for you and maintain your content for your own Google website.

ab 290 -

Delete Google My Business photos and remove unwanted images

Incorrectly assigned photos, unsightly images or even harmful image material directly in your business map entry? We will ensure that these are removed.

ab 49 -

Would you like to delete Google My Business, delete a Google Maps entry or mark an entry as closed?

We know how to do it right and will do it for you so that no more notifications are made and that within a few days.

39 -
Our tips for more local success on Google:
  1. Keep your opening hours and contact details up to date
  2. Actively and regularly encourage customers to write reviews
    1. You can hand out flyers or brochures with a notice printed on them
    2. Print QR code on your receipts or business cards
    3. Interview customers in person when they pay the bill
    4. Generate ratings on other profiles such as facebook, ProvenExpert etc. (are automatically displayed)
  3. Keep your customers informed Content maintenance
  4. Checking the actuality every 3-6 months
  5. Use attributes and labels (amenities, services, handicapped access, etc.)
  6. Check emailed reports (stats)

to Google My Business

Other terms for Google My Business = Google Maps or Google Places

    The Google My Business costs are 0 euros, since Google basically offers the service free of charge. There are only costs when hiring a Google My Business expert like our agency. Starting with setting up Google My Business, Google Mybusiness offers current and ongoing new functions and content segments, so that regular testing and optimization of mybusiness google is necessary.

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