Logo design & corporate design

Corporate design / identity / branding

One concept – one appearance = one company. The corporate design is an important part of your public appearance. The first external impression counts, but also whether you remember them. A uniform design with logo, color scheme and typeface therefore ensures recognition and trust.

As a brand, we understand companies and their products that are uniquely and authentically perceived by their customers through the positioning of their individual characteristics and benefits. Our services for your brand range from the conceptual development to the transfer of the design to concrete advertising media and multimedia techniques. Also in Online marketing a uniform appearance is rated positively by search engines and their users.

Adaptation of an existing design
Of course, we also adapt (implement) your existing or new corporate design in all desired media. From business cards, stationery to large-scale advertising. In this context, we also have the competence to New development or revision (relaunch) an existing logo or signet that you may no longer be satisfied with or that no longer suits your current corporate identity. We adapt your existing logo to the current circumstances of your company.

Brand building & brand consulting – branding
The variety of products and services is constantly increasing. We help you to position your brand high compared to the competition. sales and revenue increases are now significantly influenced by the quality and authenticity of your brand and appearance. Purchase decisions are mostly made subconsciously. Help your customers make the right decision with good marketing.

A targeted one Marketing communication packed in a continuous Corporate Design, customized to yours Corporate Identity, promises great added value and effective new customer acquisition. We take a close look at your target group and use current statistics, trends and market movements. The respective business relationship (business-to-business - B2B or business-to-consumer - B2C) has a significant influence on our approach.

Logo design / slogan / claim

A strong logo promises a high recognition value. We design distinctive logos to establish your company in the minds of your target group. In line with this, we design and produce a targeted guiding principle, the so-called slogan, with you. Get in now Create logo.

Development/conception of the appearance = corporate design

The consistent appearance is developed together with you according to industry-specific characteristics and poured into shape. We develop your appearance and bring your personality into a graphic design.

High quality business equipment

Business cards, letter & billing paper, Flyers/Posters/Banners and print ads are standard equipment for a well-organized business. This means of advertising and communication ensure that your logo and company name appears again and again in the everyday life of customers and that potential clients also come into contact with your company.

Establishment of design guidelines

All design guidelines are recorded for a consistent appearance. From shapes, colors, patterns, fonts to the arrangement in the layout. With these guidelines (also called a handbook) you can extend your consistent appearance to all business equipment.

Would you like to start with a corporate design or change it? Talk to us or write to us. Together we develop your branding.

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