Margin Calculation & Controlling: Automatically calculate sales costs margin profit ROI in WooCommerce

Reports to track profit and sales of your WooCommerce store with just little effort + export. Have your margin automatically calculated per product, order and customer. This makes your online shop more profitable and you always know where you stand without using Excel.

Margin Calculation & Controlling: Automatically calculate sales costs margin profit ROI in WooCommerce

Very simple goods costs (purchase price) in the online shop for the profit calculation insert. the bulk edit function for costs, profit margin calculation, prices, inventories, etc. also makes maintenance much easier. They are particularly practical Reports to track profit and sales of business.

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Make your own WooCommerce shop more profitable through clear and directly visible sales insights per order, customer and product as well as sales - costs = profit calculation (margin)

Add your products/variations purchase price, cost price and  cost of goods added. Based on these values, new prices are calculated and suggested using your markup (margin). These values ​​give you direct control over the profits and revenues of your shop . With the included table editor and his mass functions you can easily add and update all these values. In addition, you can seamlessly update inventory, view acquisition value, sale value, and total profit. The price selection ( NEW ) gives you several options for automatic calculation and display: retail value, acquisition value and profit based on the price you select (i.e. VAT included).

Includes Cost & Reports valuable and unique sales reports . The reports detail your actual  profits and revenues , not only bestsellers, but down to the product or variation level. Get reports by predefined or selected date ranges, see your acceptable profit (green background marker) and unacceptable profit (red background marker). Load reports as .csv or export table data (based on your filters) for further processing in applications such as MS Excel or Apple Numbers.

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Benefits of Cost & Reports:

  • Adds important information to your Business profit and sales added .
  • Add valuable fields to your product/variants such as: e.g.: Purchase price, costs, shipping, cost of goods and markup .
  • Power more accurate prices for your business (with cost of goods and surcharge).
  • Historically editable Metadata are your order items added for purchase price and goods cost.
  • table editor, the Bulk add/update your costs, margins, prices, inventory and more .
  • export functions (as .CSV or .xlsx)
  • price selector for normal price and daily price (incl. and excl. VAT) NEW
    • Colored border (gold) on products NEW ON SALE
    • Colored font (blue) for prices including VAT . NEW
    • Calculates acquisition value, sale value and profit based on the price selection NEW
  • Reports pro Order, customers and product / variant (table view). Including:
    • Search , date ranges, averages, profits, net sales, taxes, sidebar with summary information and best sellers.
    • Bestsellers with information such as profit, sales and revenue.
    • product reviews , which are calculated dynamically during filtering.
    • As .csv -Export file
    • Table export to .xlsx (MS Excel or Apple Numbers)
    • live reports and counters (new orders)
  • Compatible with Products, Variations, Subscriptions, Cost of Goods, Bulk Table Editor, Order Status Manager and more
  • POT file for translations (English, German NEW  and Norwegian)

table editor

The spreadsheet editor can update bulk: purchase price, cost, shipping cost, cost of goods, markup, price and inventory. It calculates a correct price (price proposal based on item cost and markup). Additionally:

  • Shows the cost value (per row and totaled)
  • Sales value (per line and totaled)
  • Profit (per row and summed)
  • A range of search/filter options
  • Show/Hide ID and SKU
  • Sort by column
  • On-sale indicator - gold colored border (price bar)
  • Export to CSV file (opens in MS Excel or Apple Numbers)
  • Export Current Table (.xlsx)

Easy access to bulk functions (bulk edit)!

Most of the columns have bulk functions, here's an example: we enter 10 in the input field for "other costs", select "increase fixed amount" and 10 is now added to each row. When this is done, Cost & Reports adds this value to the cost of goods, then calculates each line and proposes a new price. If you are happy with the new price just use the save all button and this will now be the current price for the selected products. If a price comes out with a number like 12,37 you can use the round to new price feature to make a cleaner price like 12,40, the markup will then automatically adjust to your new price.

Pricing and cost/profit calculations

As a merchant you often want to see and adjust the price if it includes VAT, so there is a function for that. You can now select the regular price incl. VAT, so it is possible adjust the price incl. VAT. VAT and converts it to the regular price ex. value added tax in the New price column automatically. That means you can now easily set sale prices like $19,90 (tax included). In addition, you can choose the regular price excl. VAT (default) and the current price for your products (incl. VAT or excl. VAT). If a product is on sale, has the price field a gold-colored one Edge. When you select a price, Cost & Reports automatically calculates acquisition value, retail value and profit for you, if it is an incl. VAT, the values ​​are dark blue (excl. VAT is black by default).

Reports per order

This report view shows all sales in a date range, set your own range using the date picker or use the predefined ranges. In the table you will find Order ID (links to order page), Customer, Role, Date, Status, Item Quantity, Profit, Cost of Sales, Net Sales and Taxes for the selected period. On the right side of the table you will find the most important values ​​and average values ​​from the period. Color indicators in the table for high and low win are also included, these can easily be adjusted in the settings. Use "Search by Rows" to filter the reports, filter by Order ID, Client, Role and Date. The role column is added to accommodate role-based extensions such as Roles & Rules B2B support.

Reports per product/variant

The product view has the same features for date range selection and .csv download button. This table first shows Averages, then Order ID, Category (link to edit products in category), Product/Variant Name, SKU, Quantity, Price (at purchase), Net Sales, and Profit (including percentage). Sort the columns as you like. On the right side of the table is a top product in the period based on volume and profit. And other key values ​​and average values ​​from the selected period.

Reports from customers

customer report

This report is set up to give you more information about customers' orders. Here you can easily find name, company, email and phone if you need to contact the customer or want to export this information. You will also find shipping costs, total order amount, total tax, items purchased, currency, country and the payment method. Use the row filter to summarize values ​​for a customer or company.

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Line search and automatic calculations

Use the Search by Rows filter to view your selection of products/variants in the product report. You can use Order ID, Category, Product and SKU if you want to filter in your product reports. When you filter, the plugin automatically updates averages, best sellers, grand totals and more so you can easily see your gross sales and profits for your selections.

live reports

The reports now give you an automatic counter for new orders, you also have the option to update the reports automatically (option in the settings). For example, you can use this view as a live report and see the numbers and products sold updated throughout the day.

Added history to order items

CYP - Order Line History

When customers buy your products, Cost & Reports adds the cost of goods and purchase price to each order line. This means you can see and edit what you bought the item for and the cost of the goods if you sold your products. This means that historically correct wins are shown in the rollover reports. (Cost and purchase price on order items is for internal use).

Export reports

There are two export buttons for Download (.csv) and Export the spreadsheet. The first fetches all your data from the database, the export spreadsheet only exports what you see in the spreadsheet. This means you can filter and sort, and if your selection is ok, just click export and you'll be left with an .xlsx file. This will open in MS Excel and Apple Numbers. The following image shows the export result.

Do you already use a margin calculation for your products?

If you already use the cost of goods field for your products, just go to Settings > Integration and enter the cost of goods field; Cost & Reports uses this value for cost of goods in related calculations. If you don't have this plugin, Cost & Reports creates a cost of goods field by default , which will be used for all your products. For more information about this integration, see the documentation.

Use bulk table editor for WooCommerce

If you are working with prices in a category and want to set up sales, you can use the Set Up Sales link to go to the Bulk Table Editor jump and set up sales in the same category. More information about your prices and profit gives you the power to make better decisions when setting up sales for your products. The integration is automatic.

Main Features & Functions of WooCommerce Plugin

  • Bulk functions for each price field, markup field and inventory quantity.
  • Calculate automatically when you enter values ​​in the table or use mass functions.
  • Control mechanism for prices and negative profit values.
  • Option to use Inc. VAT pricing
  • Adds purchase price and cost of sales fields to your existing products.
  • Use shipping cost to calculate the cost of goods.
  • Totals for inventory, acquisition value, sale value, and profit are listed in the table.
  • Search and filter functions that allow you to price a selection of products in bulk.
  • Function to clear input fields for calculations.
  • Progress bar when saving.
  • Clear 0,00 values ​​when in focus (mouseover), this makes it quick to set correct values ​​when is null
  • Bulk Deletion of Products and Variations.
  • undo changes
  • Download/Export (.CSV) file per category or all products. Including calculations and last modified date.
  • Supports the setup of multi-site networks.
  • Reports per order, customer and product.
    • Reports per order.
    • Reports per product/variant.
    • Export to .csv file (database export).
    • Export spreadsheet (.xlsx)
    • High and low win percentage color indicators.
    • Search in rows with automatic calculations.
    • Counter and option to automatically update new orders

The extension is compatible with


  • English (default)
  • norwegische
  • German
  • POT file for easy translation to other languages


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Expansion stage and more complex but very useful and simpler for multi-channel sales:

Billbee merchandise management:

WordPress WooCommerce merchandise management WaWi – Best solution for your shop


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