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Advertise properly online and offline with campaigns that work and build on each other

In today's advertising jungle, nothing is more important than a consistent strategy and an interlocking process. As soon as I spend money on advertising and marketing, the goal must be defined and the advertising media must be coordinated. This is the only way to do successful marketing.

We don't just look at Printed matter such as flyers, mailings and catalogues/brochures but focus primarily on high-reach media such as Online advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads and Social Media Ads) and social media marketing. In addition, we focus on the goal-oriented Remarketing/Retargeting for strong campaigns, so that you do not lose potential customers but keep addressing and retaining them.

What we do for you and your campaigns:

  1. Build process and define strategy with goal
  2. Media planning and budget planning (online + offline)
  3. Define tracking and conversion goals (also for offline!)
  4. Setting up campaigns for each target group and medium (incl. design)
  5. Controlling, budgeting and adjustment
  6. conversion optimization

With us as your partner, you keep promises to your customers and take care of them more customers, more sales and long-term customer loyalty!

Florian Ibe

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Florian Ibe

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