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Online shop optimization
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Do you have an online shop, a website with an ordering function or a comprehensive web shop with thousands of products?

No matter how big, small or how long you have been operating as an online retailer, online shop optimization is essential and ensures more sales and measurably more profit in the short term!

It is important to clearly differentiate emotional marketing from data-driven marketing.

A shop optimization is always based on data, tests and empirical values ​​and thus ensures more conversion (higher conversion rate), more sales, higher shopping cart values ​​and a longer customer life time.

The 3 main components of a professional online shop optimization

Online Marketing Sales Psychology Neuromarketing

sales psychology

Neuromarketing means recognizing and actively "manipulating" and directing sensations, perception and the associated generation of events in a targeted direction. The easier it is for a user to find their way around the web shop, build trust and receive important information, the higher the probability of a sale.

Psychology includes:

  • confidence building
  • principle of relevance
  • plausibility check
  • Target group analysis
  • Creation of a persona
  • Definition of KPIs
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Shop Customizations

This involves the specific adjustment of shop pages, product pages and the checkout process. Bounce rates, click-through rates and corresponding KPIs are measured as goals. Depending on the information, the following changes will then be made to the shop.

Adjustments include:

  • Customization of menu, elements, structures
  • Color & image adjustment
  • Wording (copy texts)
  • Ease of use
  • Checkout Optimization
  • Layers, popups
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Generate relevant traffic

Traffic is often generated indiscriminately, but many of the visitors do not really fit into the target group and therefore do not buy. Algorithms and ad systems such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads can collect relevant data via tracking (pixel) and control it in a much more targeted manner according to fixed factors.

To generate traffic we need:

  • Setting up tracking including advanced e-commerce tracking
  • Target group definition & look-a-likes
  • Clean setting up of campaign structures
  • Definition of ROA, CPA, ROI
  • Ongoing optimization

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