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Become (more) successful on the Internet and use the positive sides of the Online marketing. In addition to professional advice, individual strategy and reliable implementation, a sustainable increase in traffic guarantees sales and lead generation

Current ranking 49th place in the top 100 SEOs in Germany (Stand 01.12.2021)

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As a SEO agency from Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne and location in Munich we know through them years of optimization the course and trends of the rapidly changing Internet. Whether in Ecommerce online stores, in the editorial blog section or at Corporate Business Pages, Customer acquisition and customer retention are very important in times of click-click and I've made my decision or I'm gone!

Get more out of your current visitors. With a purposeful Conversion Optimization (Purchase in the online shop, contact within the company website or address acquisition through newsletter entries) increase your sales by 50% and more. A well matched one content strategy + Social media and technical Search Engine optimization ensures more page views spread over a statistics tool 100% traceable.

A few of many examples of eg WordPress SEO:

Seo Optimization Switzerland Zurich search engine optimization

And as an SEO provider, we have at least 100 examples of our successful customers!

What we offer you in terms of SEO:

  1. SEO advice, analysis & strategy development
  2. Technical optimization (WordPress-SEO / WooCommerce, Typo3, Contao, JTL shop and much more)
  3. Loading time optimization / caching + premium hosting (Core Web Vitals)
  4. Responsive optimization (index mobile first)
  5. SEO texts, content marketing & online PR
  6. Off Page SEO & Backlinks (fair Backlink Packages)
  7. Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)
  8. SEA – Google Adwords/Shopping as part of the hybrid strategy
  9. Ongoing SEO support with monitoring

Why optimize with pictibe:

  1. More than 10 years of experience
  2. Personal advice and fixed contact persons
  3. Fair price structure through SEO packages (see below)
  4. National and international projects of all sizes
  5. Natural link building with a sustainable strategy
  6. Individual work without a run-of-the-mill system
  7. Own editorial team / SEO copywriter for content
  8. No Blackhat SEO (No Penalty by Google)
  9. You will not receive a guarantee from us, but a promise that we will continue to optimize until realistic goals are achieved! Promised…

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Florian Ibe

Your consultant for search engine optimization:

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    • Non-binding offer
    • Fixed package prices
    Pictibe Seo Agency Florian Ibe Seofreelancer Freelance search engine optimization

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    SEO analysis, monitoring and controlling

    First we analyze the page value, evaluate statistics and PageRank and develop a strategy for increasing the ranking to an optimal level. Monitoring and controlling are very important in order to be able to carry out individual SEO optimization.

    Of course, you will receive a weekly or monthly evaluation by e-mail from us.

    By the way, we make one too Amazon SEO Optimization (Listing & PPC).

    OnPage, OffPage optimization and link building

    In addition to optimizing your own page (OnPage) using many different factors, linking your content in the right context (OffPage) offers growth in trust and relevance within the search engines.

    Once the on-page optimization is complete, links are automatically built with an evaluation of relevant pages. We use reputable sources and do not buy links illegally.

    The second step usually also includes Social SEO, the Improving indexing in search engines through signals from large platforms such as Google+, facebook and co.

    Usability & Conversion

    After the page is technically optimized, text and image are coherent and relevant, it is often due to the positioning of elements, usability and mobile/responsive display whether a visitor is right or clicks away.

    We evaluate statistics, use comparisons and experience and optimize product pages, landing pages and usually the start page to reduce the bounce rate and maximize conversion.

    Switch search engine advertising – Google AdWords / Shopping, facebook ads and instagram

    Many burn unnecessary amounts of money with them Google AdWords and facebook ads. Hardly any other system has grown so quickly and become more and more important in recent years. With proper AdWords optimization and target group identification, you will save a lot of money on quality traffic.

    Google Shopping is the ideal supplement for online shops and product pages. Search engine advertising can be used effectively even with a small budget. We optimize closely in cooperation with you to get the maximum performance. Use classic text ads, banners or Google shopping with your own feed in Google search results or in the advertising network.

    Our SEO packages

    SEO Start / Local
    Ideal for small sites/companies with up to 3 services or product groups (no online shops). This package is also ideal for local SEO (Local SEO).
    monthly / minimum term 12 months
    βœ” Analysis, comparison of competitors, keyword research & strategy development (SEO check / SEO audit)
    βœ” Google My Business listing + optimization
    βœ” Google Search Console
    βœ” Technical SEO optimization (WordPress, other CMS on request)
    βœ” Simple keyword analysis + page structure + content planning
    βœ” Image & structure optimization
    βœ” OnPage Optimization
    βœ” Optimization for 5 main search words (focus keywords) + related terms (synonyms)
    βœ” SEO-optimized text creation (up to 3.500 words for the entire runtime)
    βœ” Basic homepage text (up to 600 additional words)
    βœ” OffPage Optimization: Simple Google-compliant link building as a supplement (1-2 strong links/month)
    βœ” Regional search engine optimization (Local SEO) + simple link building
    βœ” Simple controlling & reporting
    βœ” Particularly fast response + processing times 4-24 hours (weekdays)
    online PR
    Google-compliant link building (OffPage)
    relaunch support
    Workshops & phone support
    SEO Pro for larger companies & shops
    The professional SEO package for your strong and growing company or medium-sized online shop to increase sales with a large organic reach.
    monthly / minimum term 12 months
    βœ” Analysis, comparison of competitors, keyword research & strategy development (SEO check / SEO audit)
    βœ” Google My Business listing + optimization
    βœ” Google Search Console
    βœ” Technical SEO optimization (WordPress/WooCommerce, other CMS on request)
    βœ” Keyword analysis + page structure + content planning
    βœ” Image & structure optimization
    βœ” OnPage Optimization
    βœ” Optimization for up to 50+ main search words (focus keywords) + related terms
    βœ” Optimization of service pages / product pages (technical structure)
    βœ” Optimization of category and keyword pages
    βœ” SEO-optimized text creation (up to 20.000 words for the entire runtime)
    βœ” Complex start page text additionally optimized
    βœ” Country-wide search engine optimization (possibly also the entire German-speaking area or selected countries worldwide)
    βœ” OffPage Optimization: Extended clean Google-compliant link building with extra links (6-8 strong links/month)
    βœ” Detailed controlling & reporting with individual notes and KPIs
    βœ” Telephone support (max. 30 min. per month)
    βœ” Easy relaunch support
    βœ” Particularly fast response + processing times 4-24 hours (weekdays)
    online PR
    Would you like to have your website or online shop optimized for the most important services and/or product categories? Then the package without a fixed term is just right.
    NO runtime, unique search engine optimization
    βœ” Analysis, comparison of competitors & keyword research (SEO check / SEO audit)
    βœ” Ahrefs checkup with a simple report to start with, including an evaluation of the top 10 pages and up to 5 important notes on the page.
    βœ” Google Search Console Registration & Verification
    βœ” Technical global OnPage optimization (WordPress/WooCommerce, other CMS on request)
    βœ” Keyword analysis + page structure + content planning
    βœ” Image & structure optimization as a hint
    βœ” Definition of 10 focus keywords including keyword lists (LSI keywords)
    βœ” Creation of up to 10 on-page SEO texts of 500-800 words each (incl. SEO start page text)
    βœ” 3-4 Web 2.0 backlinks on the start page and 1-3 subpages (service pages / shop categories)
    βœ” Simple report after 30 days as a first evaluation with hints
    Additional telephone support on request
    online PR
    Outline Web Icons Set Search Engine Optimization. Thin Line We
    Gain new customers in the long term
    • 8 out of 10 potential buyers surf the web every day
    • almost 40% shop almost exclusively online
    • for more than half, the Internet is the first source of purchasing information
    • around 50% also use search engines to make purchases on the way

    Our professional search engine optimization automatically leads to more visitors and thus more sales in your online shop, for example. Qualified visitors in particular should be informed as well as possible and kept on your website for a long time. You thus increase the value on Google, reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion and usually also the number of returning visitors.

    What many of our customers didn't know: Google measures the thematic and content-related relevance of the content to the visitor. If a page visitor clicks away again after just a few seconds, the search engine downgrades the page in the ranking. For this reason, we deliver with our own editorial team high-quality content at an affordable price.

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    Request a non-binding offer now!
    • Free initial consultation (book here)
    • Free SEO analysis (audit)
    • 360Β° full service agency (SEO service provider, SEO company, SEO Freelancer)
    • Short and direct communication
    • Individual optimization strategies – guaranteed!
    • Transparent performance and simple reports

    You too can now use qualified traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines through high-quality SEO (optimization) for your company

    It is not for nothing that we, as an SEO service provider and OM agency, have been serving customers from various industries, sizes and budget classes as well as regional to international companies for many years. Get a better ranking position, more visitors, specific inquiries and increasing relevance.

      The big difference to other SEO agencies & a SEO web agency is that we have skills in web design, CMS, technology and effective SEO support. We are an SEO provider with over 100 references from the last few years who has already worked for almost all industries and optimized for the search engine.

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