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search engine optimization (SEO) in Leverkusen – online marketing that brings success

Unfortunately, beautiful alone is not enough. Be found by search engine optimization (SEO) is probably the most important topic in Online Marketing. Regardless of whether you are regionally in Leverkusen want to be visible or want to be present in search engines from Leverkusen in Germany, Europe or worldwide.

That brings SEO Leverkusen:

✔ You will be better found in Leverkusen and beyond

✔ Continuously more visitors without extra advertising costs

✔ Online marketing addresses customers more specifically

✔ Search engine optimization is sustainable and lasts

✔ Significantly cheaper than placing advertisements etc.

✔ Sustainable advertising strategy

Florian Ibe

Your advisor for SEO in Leverkusen


Florian Ibe

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Your advantages with us:

  • Fixed contacts and real ones SEO Experts!!!
  • Effective marketing measures
  • State-of-the-art technology & high data protection
  • Transparent way of working & ticket system
  • Very high quality standards
  • Package prices and reliable processing

You don't pay a performance agency, you invest in your sales.

Seo Search engine optimization online marketing

SEO = Search engine optimization is an essential measure to optimize your website, blog or online shop in times of search engines, apps and interface searches. The fact is that since about 2014 without SEO no website can be successful.

The advantage over bsp. SEA = Search Engine Advertising (search engine advertising) is that which are not the case of constant costs! Targeted search engine optimization is SUSTAINABLE and done correctly for years! If the basic optimization is correct, you, employees or the agency only need to fill the page further, update it and add texts.

With SEO you can bring your site to the fore cost-efficiently and in the long term, usually with added value for the visitor.

One of the most important questions when it comes to optimizing a website, online shop or blog. There are numerous algorithms, techniques and procedures behind search engine optimization that you do not need to know! With more than 300 factors (to put it simply: point system) each URL = www address is evaluated by Google, bing, ask etc. and placed in relation to each search query that is as suitable as possible.

The higher your “score”, the more likely you are to appear further up. With a basic optimization, which is taken into account on all our websites, you already have around 50 points in your pocket as standard.

In plain language: behind SEO there is an optimization based on defined tasks with individual measures such as content marketing (text content) and additional technical factors such as loading time optimization, rich snippets (example: rating stars) and image compression. Responsive pages are and must be standard. SSL = https:// has also been standard with us for years.

The improvement in the ranking thus brings more visitors = interested parties and, with the right content and additional conversion optimization, more leads/customers and sales.

It is not for nothing that many medium-sized companies are so successful on the Internet - unfortunately many are not either.

On average, every company has at least 7-10 direct competitors. Online, on the other hand, it is often 25-35. Why? the search engine not only includes sales platforms in the search term, but also test pages, blogs and all other types of pages. In addition to these factors, there are the SERPs (search results + search ads), shopping ads (for products) and image search. That means we often have thousands of search results for a term and these are divided into different areas with different interactions.

If your page and the associated search result is not optimized with text, images, rich snippets, etc., you will be displayed further down or not at all.

ATTENTION: Over 95% get off at the first search result page!

So take advantage of the opportunity, no matter how big or small you are. The opportunity is the same for EVERYONE!

We optimize safely, fairly and sustainably with current trends and opportunities that your system and strategy offer us.

Our SEO-Offer
Free regional SEO-Competition analysis
We analyze your website manually, look at the competition and give you a detailed roadmap on how to be successful in Leverkusen and the surrounding area.

SEO means for us:

  • Inexpensive search engine optimization on- and offpage
  • personal expertise since 2010 and no mass processing
  • a contact person who is also available to you by telephone
  • no hidden costs and full transparency
  • gladly only a small regional one SEO-Optimization

Our SEO-Packages for Leverkusen and the surrounding area

SEO Home / Local
Ideal for small sites/companies with up to 3 services or product groups (no online shops). This package is also ideal for local SEO (Local SEO).
monthly / minimum term 12 months
✔ Analysis, competitive comparison, keyword research & strategy development (SEO-Check / SEOaudit)
✔ Google My Business listing + optimization
✔ Google Search Console
✔ Technical SEO-Optimization (WordPress, other CMS on request)
✔ Simple keyword analysis + page structure + content planning
✔ Image & structure optimization
✔ OnPage Optimization
✔ Optimization for 5 main search words (focus keywords) + related terms (synonyms)
✔ SEO-optimized text creation (up to 3.500 words for the entire runtime)
✔ Basic homepage text (up to 600 additional words)
✔ OffPage Optimization: Simple Google-compliant link building as a supplement (1-2 strong links/month)
✔ Regional search engine optimization (Local SEO) + simple link building
✔ Simple controlling & reporting
✔ Particularly fast response + processing times 4-24 hours (weekdays)
Optimized text integration in CMS
online PR
Google-compliant link building (OffPage)
relaunch support
Workshops & phone support
SEO Pro for larger companies & shops
the professionalSEO-Package for your strong and growing company or medium-sized online shop to increase sales with a large organic reach.
monthly / minimum term 12 months
✔ Analysis, competitive comparison, keyword research & strategy development (SEO-Check / SEOaudit)
✔ Google My Business listing + optimization
✔ Google Search Console
✔ Technical SEO-Optimization (WordPress/WooCommerce, other CMS on request)
✔ Keyword analysis + page structure + content planning
✔ Image & structure optimization
✔ OnPage Optimization
✔ Optimization for up to 50+ main search words (focus keywords) + related terms
✔ Optimization of service pages / product pages (technical structure)
✔ Optimization of category and keyword pages
✔ SEO-optimized text creation (up to 20.000 words for the entire runtime)
✔ Complex start page text additionally optimized
✔ Country-wide search engine optimization (possibly also the entire German-speaking area or selected countries worldwide)
✔ OffPage Optimization: Extended clean Google-compliant link building with extra links (6-8 strong links/month)
✔ Optimized text integration in CMS adapted to content blocks and visually appealing
✔ Detailed controlling & reporting with individual notes and KPIs
✔ Telephone support (max. 30 min. per month)
✔ Easy relaunch support
✔ Particularly fast response + processing times 6-24 hours (weekdays)
online PR
Would you like to have your website or online shop optimized for the most important services and/or product categories? Then the package without a fixed term is just right.
NO runtime, unique search engine optimization
✔ Analysis, comparison of competitors & keyword research (SEO-Check / SEOaudit)
✔ Ahrefs checkup with a simple report to start with, including an evaluation of the top 10 pages and up to 5 important notes on the page.
✔ Google Search Console Registration & Verification
✔ Technical global OnPage optimization (WordPress/WooCommerce, other CMS on request)
✔ Keyword analysis + page structure + content planning
✔ Image & structure optimization as a hint
✔ Definition of 10 focus keywords including keyword lists (LSI keywords)
✔ Creation of up to 10 OnPageSEO-Texts of 500-800 words (incl. SEO- start page text)
✔ 3-4 Web 2.0 backlinks on the start page and 1-3 subpages (service pages / shop categories)
✔ Simple report after 30 days as a first evaluation with hints
Additional telephone support on request
online PR

SEO Agency Leverkusen – search engine optimization and online marketing for Leverkusen from a single source since 2010

Find new customers with a sustainable concept and without constant advertising costs

Advertising is often expensive and inefficient. Classic printed matter, advertisements in newsletters, poster advertising and flyers have a large wastage and often only reach the customer by chance. SEO Search engine optimization offers a modern and efficient approach. Be found better on Google, Bing, Yahoo and co.

SEO Advice, service and analysis – We ♥ Google

  • technical search engine optimization
  • Loading time optimization
  • Keyword analysis
  • text generation
  • Adjustments to page title & description
  • Landing pages + call to action

more about search engine optimization

  • backlink building
  • relevant forum links
  • question/answer portals
  • content links
  • Social media links
  • link cleanup
search engine advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Ads
  • Banner Advertising
  • Remarketing / Retargeting
  • Facebook/instagram advertising

more information about SEA

The combination of all three professionally executed SEO-Services offers you added value in sales and targeted control of address, resources and budget. The days of tedious cold calling by phone and email are over, and not just because of legal prohibitions.

It does not matter SEO for services, Optimization of an online shop or Search engine optimization for local trade. We offer new customer acquisition solutions for small and medium-sized companies. In your strategy, keep in mind: SEO is cheaper, AdWords faster. If Advertising agency for Leverkusen we offer everything to do with marketing. logo design, Webdesign, programming, textwriting to the right one Webhosting. Other important terms related to website optimization are SEM (search engine marketing).

Please also note our postal packages and Maintenance flat rates / installment payments. we are yours SEO-Agency for Leverkusen.

Contact us now or request a callback:

    And that's what our customers say Leverkusen and environment

    • John Muck
      In terms of SEO and online marketing is simply great! This advertising agency convinces with expertise and an incredible range. Together with pictibe we are responsible for the topics website (conversion optimization), search engine marketing (SEA and SEO) and recruiting and quickly achieved success. In the future we can also imagine bringing our online shop forward with pictibe. pictibe is a clear recommendation for everyone who is looking for increased sales, more customers and more sales!

      John Muck

      TOPIX Software AG
    • Alexandra Berg
      Mr. Ibe has been taking care of our marketing for more than a year now and we are very satisfied. The new website went online in a short time and the updating and optimization is noticeable. The numerous ideas and possibilities that Mr. Ibe explains to us in an understandable way are particularly nice. Legal aspects are also always taken into account and usually implemented before the official announcement. The advice and support is therefore excellent. Communication is easy and most cases are dealt with on the same day. That's fun. Many Thanks.

      Alexandra Berg

      carpentry mountain
    • Upholstery fabric paradise – upholstery again
      We list by working with you very clear sales increases. we say" thank you very much"! We see great opportunities in working with you. Finally an agency that reliably delivers excellent work.

      Upholstery fabric paradise – upholstery again

    • Manuel Wasser
      We commissioned Mr. Ibe to revise our existing website. We are very satisfied with our new website and can now easily update all content ourselves thanks to the built-in content management system. We would like to thank you for the professional advice, the reliable work, the speedy implementation and the pleasant human contact. The price/performance ratio is outstanding! We would be happy to recommend you!

      Manuel Wasser

      party service water
    • Katja Michalek, point
      Florian Ibe and pictibe is just as professional as it is friendly - and explains with the patience of an angel for the umpteenth time when an IT dyslexic like me doesn't understand anything... absolute recommendation!!

      Katja Michalek, point

    • Sandra Klein
      100% recommendation. I am always amazed at how much you can achieve with online marketing. Every cent you invest can be recovered with a little cleverness.

      Sandra Klein

      Physio outpatient clinic, physiotherapy practice
    • Manuel Wasser
      pictibe has been looking after us since 2013 and we are more than satisfied. Great and fresh ideas, some changes and new approaches have helped us to become better known and a very good volume of orders since the start phase. The costs are always reasonable and it is definitely worth it for us. Communication is very convenient and the response is quick and uncomplicated. The new website with booking form is very well received and is used frequently. We and our customers thank you for this great implementation and look forward to continuing our good cooperation.

      Manuel Wasser

      party service water
    • Uwe Franken
      The Pictibe company has updated the homepage of TuS Untereschbach-Steinenbrück 1910 e. V. redesigned. After a short briefing, we were and are able to take over the ongoing maintenance of the website ourselves and at a convincing price-performance ratio. We are very satisfied with the work of the Pictibe company, as our wishes and specifications were implemented reliably and quickly, not only on our website but also on our new flyers. We are happy to recommend Pictibe to others.

      Uwe Franken

      TUS Untereschbach
    • John Muck
      THE specialists in advertising and marketing! If you are looking for a competent advertising agency to really get your online marketing going, pictibe is the right place for you. Whether website, web shop, SEA, SEO, conversion optimization, .... Here you are dealing with experts. Clear recommendation!

      John Muck

      TOPIX Software AG
    • Melanie Wolf from
      Great service, always friendly and you can tell that Mr. Ibe knows what he's doing! Thanks!!! I can only recommend pictibe!

      Melanie Wolf from

    • dr Martin Baxman
      This was also a very interesting and worthwhile workshop for us. Thanks for that! I particularly liked the way you presented yourself as a team with different approaches. From programming to marketing strategy to specific content, you appear very competent.

      dr Martin Baxman

      Orthodentix, MyOrthoLab, Orthodontic-e-Academy
    • Ben Tro
      I am very happy with their service and I think I have come to the right place. We will definitely use your services more often in the future!

      Ben Tro

    • Stefan Hintze-Karsten
      Perfect and fast support. I can recommend pictibe without hesitation!

      Stefan Hintze-Karsten

    • Harry Sorg
      Good ideas paired with expertise, ability and creativity are the strengths of Pictibe, with Florian Ibe in persona. Understanding the customer's language, my language, is one of his qualities that should be particularly emphasized. Precise and inexpensive are the outstanding properties. In an intensive, synergetic cooperation, a complete, consistent CD – print media with logo and slogan – including web design, of high quality was created. A recommended advertising agency!

      Harry Sorg

      CAREFREE multimedia agency
    • Andrea Wilms
      With the company Pictibe we have a workshop on the subject of online shops, Seomarketing, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Social Media. In a comprehensible and understandable way, Mr. Ibe and Mr. Buks explained the above topics to us in the workshop, so that after this we had a better understanding of the online world. We worked specifically on our shop in the workshop and thereby further optimized it. Mr. Ibe and Mr. Buks convinced us with their expertise and pleasant manner. Our telephone impression of a binding, professional cooperation was confirmed by the workshop. We look forward to continuing to work together and after a short time we feel confirmed that we have now found the right agency for us that thinks for us, that has a good workflow and that supports us with passion, expertise and commitment.

      Andrea Wilms

      inside living
    • Katja Wiemer
      Absolutely to recommend! Everything at a glance. No dismembered video course. A good investment! I always looked for tutorials and videos that gave me insight into the correct installation of WordPress and templates. Since I don't create websites regularly, I forget a few things and then go back to looking for all the videos and tutorials - tedious! Now I just decided to buy this course and am pleasantly surprised. I have a single link where I can find all the videos at a glance. I can go straight to the video I need the topic for - no more searching! As soon as I saw the course - I looked at everything at once 😉 - I immediately went through my websites and corrected banal mistakes and optimized a few things! I am grateful for this course. He is very successful and shows the most important basics with deeper insights using real examples to set up, maintain and expand websites cleanly and solidly from the ground up.

      Katja Wiemer

    • Nicola Toucheman
      Just great! Behind Pictibe there is not only a lot of know-how but also passion and lifeblood. With our online shop, we feel very well looked after and excellently advised - also far beyond the actual topics of the cooperation. Someone not only looks at their specialist area, but also looks beyond their own nose with commitment. We are very satisfied!

      Nicola Toucheman

      Martha & Lotte Dog Shop Mannheim
    • Ute Oehlen
      After 2 years in which we did everything on our own, Mr. Ibe relaunched our shop and achieved better results within a short time. The support went well beyond normal levels. In addition to the great web shop definition and design, he also created great flyers, photos and videos at short notice. He also laid the important foundations for a marketing concept for the newsletter. Since Mr. Ibe is always available at short notice to clarify open points and also breaks new ground with his great ideas, we were able to expand our website after just 3 months.

      Ute Oehlen

    • Stefan Schoenfeld
      We are very satisfied with the execution by pictibe, represented by Mr. Ibe. His initially reserved appearance with us gave no indication of his strengths. Pictibe responded very strongly to my ideas. Several good suggestions in terms of layout and content design were made and the right layout was quickly decided. Always challenging but never tiresome, for texts and image composition. Very fast, committed and on top terms!

      Stefan Schoenfeld

      Schönfeld Zöller GmbH – heating plumbing
    • Lufapak GmbH
      Pictibe is the first agency that I feel thinks along with me. Gives impetus, makes suggestions. Furthermore, the prices are always fair and adapted to the marketing budget. Thanks to the cooperation with pictibe, our sales team no longer knows how to save itself from inquiries. In a nutshell: Fair. Competently. Kind.

      Lufapak GmbH

      Lufapak GmbH
    • Nils Loudon
      An optimal course to understand what is crucial, from the first to the last click. In many freely available tutorials or even paid ones (Udemy), you usually learn what you already know... The generally applicable instructions, which, however, will be out of date again next week, or so specific that they won't work for your own applications. This course is about concrete hints and tips & tricks that you can only find out in a fully professional agency!! What everyone is looking for on the Internet is here, chronologically, simply explained and 100% application-related, live on the screen!! The simple explanations and the good structure of the course give you a detailed overview of relevant topics from the start. As a complete beginner, the subject of FTP and folder structure or HTML/CSS basics may be relevant. a bit complicated, but not nearly as demanding as most YouTube tutorials... A recommended course for anyone interested in good web design.

      Nils Loudon

    • Bernd Hubertus, Hubertus GmbH
      Florian Ibe has been helping us for many years with his know-how in the creation of advertising measures, internet presence, marketing, etc., we can recommend him unreservedly, he works with commitment, high quality, quickly and inexpensively; we cannot imagine a better business partner; actually more than 5 stars (unfortunately the end of the scale) Mr. Ibe keep up the good work!!

      Bernd Hubertus, Hubertus GmbH

    • Sven Thiemann
      With the company pictibe we have found a reliable and very competent partner in web design, online marketing, photography and video production for years. Advice, execution and price are in good relation to each other. It is a good feeling for our company to know that we can always contact Mr. Ibe able to contact. It is therefore quite clear that we will continue to trust in pictibe in the future.

      Sven Thiemann

      Kitchen house Thiemann – Thiemann GmbH
    • Herman Spettman
      The company pictibe gave me the best advice as a founder and created an overall concept for a fair price to start with. In addition to a logo design, business cards, stationery and envelopes + stamps, an attractive website was programmed. The personal contact is still very pleasant and always open to suggestions. Value for money is very good. Numerous people have already found me via Google, where some orders have also been generated.

      Herman Spettman

      hsp cad design
    • Daniel Jansen
      Thanks for the top consulting over the last 6 months. And thank you for drowning because of the many leads. 🙂 All-round carefree package with a competent contact person.

      Daniel Jansen

      staff direct GmbH, hostesses & event staff
    • Bonn City Tours
      As a small start-up, I received good advice here on how to plan my next steps in terms of media technology.

      Bonn City Tours

    • Andrew Kaiser
      As an agency, we are always looking for customer-specific solutions that we implement in a competence network. We also have to realize that some service providers find it difficult to specifically address the current needs of customers. With pictibe we have found a realization partner who is willing to implement the project according to the wishes of the customer and to accompany us as an advisory partner.

      Andrew Kaiser

      Emperor Marketing
    • Christian Brenner
      Our website has become great. The response is still positive after more than a year. From the advice on the implementation to the ongoing maintenance with great photos and an image film, we are very satisfied and can only recommend the services of Mr. Ibe. Above all, his uncomplicated nature makes working together very pleasant and appointments are binding and are not postponed.

      Christian Brenner

      burner motor devices
    • Daniel J.
      All-round carefree package with a competent contact person. Absolutely recommendable when it comes to any projects related to WordPress and WooCommerce.

      Daniel J.

    • Matthew Engelman
      Super fast service and very competent creative, technical and conceptual advice! Thank you for the cooperative partnership. We definitely recommend pictibe!

      Matthew Engelman

      career navigation
    • Michael Luedenbach
      As a hotel and restaurant, we depend on our external image. Florian Ibe supported and advised us right from the start and optimized and produced numerous printed matter at fair prices. We especially liked the idea of ​​the films. That really did something. The website with its own booking system has made our work particularly easy. pictibe's work is really good and we are very satisfied. The response from great films and photos is very good.

      Michael Luedenbach

      Hotel Restaurant Luedenbach
    • Kai citizen
      In 2011, pictibe launched the homepage of the parent initiative “Die Maulwürfe e. V." was created and the requirements of the association implemented. The greatest challenge was to create a serious but still adequate website for a daycare center. Mr. Ibe solved this very well with the layout and the image elements. The further maintenance of the website is his responsibility Club Many thanks for creating the page and also for familiarizing yourself with the maintenance.

      Kai citizen

      Homepage support day care center "Die Mole"
    • Johannes Muck WP
      THE specialists for WordPress and WooCommerce! If you are looking for a competent WordPress agency, want to optimize your online shop with the help of experts, want to increase your conversion rate or are simply looking for an increase in sales, more customers and more sales, pictibe is the right place for you. Clear recommendation!

      Johannes Muck WP

    • babrause - by Katrin Varnhorn
      Great service and very fast contact - Mr. Ibe accompanied us very well with the introduction of a WooCommerce checkout system. He supported us quickly and easily in all adversities. He has also shown himself to be a competent contact for everything to do with our homepage, who was available in many areas with tips, tricks and technical support.

      babrause - by Katrin Varnhorn

      babrause & Stoffwerk Siegen
    • Ali Yegin
      A lot of commitment, very flexible and brings good ideas of your own! I really enjoy working with pictibe.

      Ali Yegin

      Alan's Sport Club gym
    • Dirk O. from moebellio
      Very good service! Technically absolutely top - gives very understandable & comprehensible explanations - friendly and an absolute expert in what he does! I can only thank you very much and recommend Mr. Ibe and his agency with a clear conscience!

      Dirk O. from moebellio

    Seo Agency Pictibe Search Engine Optimization Agency Online Marketing Performance

    SEO Search Engine optimization

    Secure more visibility, new customer inquiries and a competitive advantage with local search engine optimization in Leverkusen. We optimized your keywords for regional search queries.

    Of course, we would also be happy to place you on Google, Bing, etc. nationally and nationally.

    more about search engine optimization

    Seo Search Engine Optimization Online Marketing Content Link Building Seo Agency Pictibe

    SEA – search engine advertising

    We develop effective and budget-optimized online advertising through Google Ads (AdWords) and Bing Ads for your products, services and advice for Leverkusen and the region. In this way you reach your target group 100% and are only displayed if someone is actually looking for your suitable services.

    more about search engine advertising

    Seo Optimization Google Online Marketing Bing Seo Search engine optimization agency

    Effective internet marketing

    As an advertising & marketing agency, we guarantee much more than just creativity, optics and design. We also help you with marketing and generating new customers SEO, SEA and remarketing. The combination of creativity and marketing knowledge ensures maximum success through e-mail marketing, landing pages, regional advertising and, if necessary, even classic print advertising.

    more about online marketing

    social media marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    We advise you on all aspects of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Co. and tell you what really benefits your brand - automation, brand building, management.

    Via the social networks we ensure more resonance, brand building and the acquisition of new products for your local business in or near Leverkusen. With targeted ads, success is guaranteed.

    more about social media marketing


    Workshops, training courses & seminars

    We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you.

    It is not for nothing that more than 80 agencies from the DACH region already trust our workshops for further training and as a basis for consulting for really effective digital & online marketing.

    Local search engine optimization Seo Online Marketing

    Local search engine optimization (Local SEO)

    Isn't it easy to win regional customers in and around Leverkusen? With local search engine optimization and a targeted strategy, this is possible for all industries.

    We'll show you how it's done and help you make more sales!

    Current trends & local keywords for Leverkusen

    Seo Agency Pictibe Search Engine Optimization Agency Online Marketing Performance

    Information about the City of Leverkusen

    Leverkusen, as an independent city, is geographically located in the Bergisches Land and thus belongs to the Rhineland. Due to the short distance of about 10 kilometers, the administrative district of Cologne is only a stone's throw away. Leverkusen lies on the lower reaches of the Wupper and the Dhünn. In addition, Leverkusen is on the right bank of the Rhine and, with more than 166.000 inhabitants and a total area of ​​almost 80.000 km², is one of the largest cities between Cologne and Düsseldorf.

    Art, culture and leisure are also a pleasure in a beautiful city like Leverkusen. In terms of culture, Leverkusen has a lot to offer. Since then, theatrical performances and music concerts for young and old have taken place regularly in the "Forum" event center, which opened in 1969. The Leverkusen Jazz Days are a special cultural event for the people of Leverkusen. Every year, numerous renowned international greats from the jazz and blues music scene perform at the Leverkusen Jazz Days.

    Another place for regular concerts as well as theater and ballet performances is the "Bayer Recovery House". All cultural performances are organized and hosted by Bayer's culture department in Bayer AG's company-owned venue and are therefore not municipal. In order not only to invite external artists for concerts, Leverkusen founded the Municipal Music School in Leverkusen. As a specialist institute, the Municipal Music School in Leverkusen offers over 300 events for its students every year.

    A wide range of topics is represented in museums in Leverkusen. To name a few: Morsbroich Castle has existed since 1951 and deals with the artistic field. In the industrial museum in Freudenthaler Sensenhammer, the working and living environment of the 19th century is brought back to life. The Colony Museum in Wiesdorf shows the typical apartments of the Bayer Colony (factory settlement) of the 30s. In the children's and young people's museum EnergieStadt the subject of energy is dealt with in particular.

    The most famous landmark of the city of Leverkusen can be seen from afar, the Bayer Cross. In 1933, the free-hanging Bayer Cross with a diameter of 72 meters was the largest free-hanging illuminated advertising in the world. The Leverkusen-Bürrig water tower is used by Energieversorung-Leverkusen and is also available to visitors as an observation tower. Other buildings worth seeing in Leverkusen are the Villa Wuppermann, the Villa Römer with exhibitions on history, the Doktorsburg, the Friedenberger Hof and the historic Ophoven estate, where the remains of a 13th-century castle can be admired.

    If you want to explore the green areas and parks in Leverkusen with your children, then the Reuschenberg wildlife park with a total area of ​​34 km² is recommended. In addition, Leverkusen is known for the Bundesliga soccer club Bayer Leverkusen.

    For a trip for the purpose of art, culture or nature, in addition to numerous hotels, Leverkusen also offers the ideal proximity to the airport or the connections to the A3 and A1 motorways, as well as easy arrival and departure. Sights include the Bayer Cross with the nearby Bay Arena, the Forum event center where concerts and the annual Leverkusen Jazz Days take place regularly, the numerous museums with a wide range of topics, the Holi Festival of Colors, and much more. Be sure to take the opportunity of a city tour of Leverkusen.

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