SEO Consultation with personal consultant for local & international search engine optimization

SEO-Consulting is essential for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the self-employed and start-ups. Professionally planned and experienced search engine optimization will give you the lasting advantage you need to stay competitive in today's digital world.

SEO Consultation with personal consultant for local & international search engine optimization

As a management consultancy with a focus on marketing, we offer an individual, efficient, targeted, strategic and professional approach SEO-Advice tailored to the status, needs and goals of your project. Regardless of whether you are preparing a website relaunch or want to optimize your existing online shop. We can give you an expert opinion on search engine optimization (SEO) and to Google Best Practices. The most recent Google updates have once again confirmed the quality of our search engine optimization advice.

With over 10 years of experience, we offer not only comprehensive services such as analyses, training courses, workshops or in-house consulting, but above all initial consultation with contact to several people SEO optimization agencies. Each analysis with a corresponding evaluation helps you to identify potential for improvement and opportunities for growth. Not only can we provide helpful insights into existing content, but we can also suggest strategies for creating new content that is optimized for both users and search engines (bots). User-oriented content with a focus on keywords = search terms entered by real people in the Google search box.

All optimization methods are designed to ensure a significant change in organic search results while adhering to the highest industry standards. Thanks to our many years of extensive experience with different types of CMS and shop systems, we are very familiar with the different functions of the individual platforms. So we can ready in that SEO Consultation to quickly determine which changes are most effective to achieve the desired results. Accordingly, they are SEO Advice costs adjusted to your budget.

Overall, our services will help you to implement a well-structured SEO-Strategy to develop. Regular updates ensure that your website or web shop remains optimized and increases in the rankings.

Your SEO Consultant with over 12 years of experience SEO Consultant for SMEs, the self-employed, startups in the B2C or B2B sector with a website or online shop

You get through our sustainable and very good SEO-Advice and support:

  • Initial consultation without blahblah with already concrete information and data
  • Answering all relevant questions
  • Comprehensive initial analysis of the current and target status with Ahres, SEMRush and optionally Sistrix
  • Competitive Analysis + Visibility Analysis
  • Keyword research short-, mid-, longtail + all important metrics
  • Technical review of the existing system (system advice in the event of a relaunch)
  • Creation of priorities, action plan and concrete recommendations for action
  • Tips for quick success
  • Consideration of on-page and off-page strategies
  • Direct contact to implementation partner (internal / external)
  • Examination of offers or previous services from SEO agencies

What is included in a search engine optimization consultation?

Consultation on search engine optimization by an experienced SEO-Freelancer usually covers a wide range of topics, from developing a SEO-Strategy to improve website structure and content for better visibility in SERPs (search results). During the consultation, the SEO-Adviser the current situation and your goals SEO-Analyze the project and then give recommendations for optimization

The process is different for each project, depending on the size of your website or online store and your goals. In the case of search engine optimization, the typical steps in the implementation include keyword research to determine relevant search terms and competitor analysis (competition analysis), the writing of SEO-Copywriting to ensure content is optimized for keywords and phrases, link building to improve domain authority or improve page speed (pagespeed), and image optimization to improve user experience.

If you contact an experienced SEO-Consulting consultants with a holistic approach like us, you can rest assured that you will benefit from reliable advice that will help you increase organic traffic and achieve your desired ranking goals. Whether relaunch, optimization of your online shop or general SEO-"Tutoring" for internal teams, marketing departments or external agencies. We offer you customer-oriented services with maximum efficiency for best SEO rankings. Book ours SEO-Initial consultation in the form of an analysis, training or in-houseSEO-Workshop and achieve your first successes today!

How much is the SEO-Advisory?

SEO Consulting costs depend on various factors, such as B. the scope of the project, the complexity and size of your website/your web shop and the corresponding optimization measures. Our SEO Consultants charge 300 euros per hour. For more comprehensive services such as the creation of content / content (on-pageSEO) and building backlinks (off-pageSEO) you may have to invest several thousand euros depending on the scope of your project. Especially our international SEO Consulting offers a reliable and sustainable optimization of your placement in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and co over several weeks to months.

More complex projects such as website relaunches or general overhauls often require significantly higher investments. In addition to the potential marketing costs, the costs for the technical implementation should also be taken into account. How much a SEOconsulting project will cost cannot be answered in general terms, but some guide values ​​can provide an initial orientation. Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, you should expect a minimum investment of 2.500-7.000 euros for the initial consultation as well as comprehensive optimization measures and strategy development.

However, it should be noted that these price ranges vary greatly depending on many factors, such as existing market conditions and the intensity of competition. In addition to this monetary aspect, it should also be noted that successful search engine optimization requires consistent work over a longer period of time. Even after an initial consultation with extensive optimization measures, continuous maintenance through updates and the creation of new content may be necessary in order to maintain the top positions in the long term. For this we have next to our SEOconsultants a partner network SEO agencies and SEO Freelancers for the right budget.

Local SEO and international SEO Consulting

local SEO and international SEO-Consulting are two different types of services that are often requested by companies. local SEO focuses on optimizing a website for local results while international SEO is designed to reach multiple countries or regions with a single website or webshop.

Local search engine optimization can bring more potential customers to your website and increase your visibility in the local market. With the support of an experienced SEO-Beraters, you can ensure that your website is optimized for local searches so that it ranks prominently in the local market. To the local ones SEOTechniques include optimizing your website for specific location/city keywords used by people searching for local goods and services, optimizing page titles, descriptions and headings, creating content targeting the local market are tailored, the enrichment of meta tags with geographic location data and the improvement of page loading speed

The international search engine optimization (SEO) is significantly more complex than the local one SEO, as it requires an in-depth analysis of the target markets, their languages ​​and cultural preferences. We as an experienced international SEO-Consultants can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that can include adding multiple language options to the same website or creating separate localized versions of a website. International search engine optimization also requires extensive keyword research as users in different countries have different habits when it comes to using keywords when searching online. The main goal of international search engine optimization is to make websites appear at the top of the relevant SERPs (search results pages) in different countries or regions of the world. The technical and content structure is very important. Due to the mostly generic keywords and a significantly higher competition is international SEO only possible with a previous search engine optimization consultation, because mistakes are punished in the short term and these must be prevented.

Overall, both local SEO as well as international SEO-Consultancy are essential components of any successful digital marketing strategy and can often be combined in an overarching campaign for maximum effectiveness. By working with us as experienced SEOconsultants, you can ensure you get the most benefit from both strategies and get better placements in the SERPs for targeted search terms, as well as more organic traffic from relevant markets around the world.

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