SEO & SEA as a hybrid strategy for search engine marketing

SEO & SEA as a HYBRID strategy for search engine marketing

For the best placement, we always recommend a so-called hybrid strategy that reaches all visitors on Google.

SEA search engine advertising are always at the top of the block of 4 in the advertisements. With the SEO Search Engine optimization are you zusätzlich also present in the organic search results and thus have the duplicate, regionally by Google Maps (Google My Business Optimization), even the 3x chance to win new customers. Provides more range and a passive response Social Media Marketing especially through remarketing.

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The hybrid strategy for effective online and search engine marketing

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SEO Search Engine optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO? The main goal of SEO is to be as high as possible in the hit lists when entering a search term (one or more words = long tail keywords) in a search engine such as Google or Bing. It also serves to improve the expectations of visitors who come across the content of the website through a search engine. The decisive factor here is relevance through appropriate content.

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If you look at GoogleSEOIf you take a closer look, search engine optimization can be further differentiated into individual databases. This is how the different categories “classic SEO", "Pictures SEO", "News SEO' and 'Voice Search SEO“. The classic SEO includes, among other things, the use of significant titles, opening times, prices and so-called "alt text tags" under images and videos in order to be able to communicate the exact content to Google. For a search engine optimized text (SEO – Text), focused keywords are used in the content. This means that there can be one main keyword and two to three secondary keywords. The goal of a well-written SEO – Text is to design a user-friendly and relevant text that has a good reading flow. This should be understood by search engines and perceived as good.

As a result, websites are placed as high as possible in the real, also called organic, ranking in the best case. The basic idea of SEO is to improve the findability of a website in search engines. Google discovers new websites through so-called “crawling”. The best-known crawler is Googlebot, which searches all available websites for Google. For this purpose, the websites are called up and all available links are followed. Then they are indexed. The index is the memory of all websites that the crawler has recorded. Google uses this when a search is entered. When entering a Google search term, the entire Internet is not searched, but only the database of indexed websites.

Within Search Engine Optimization there is OnPage and OffPage optimization. On-page optimization refers to all website content that is displayed internally on the website, created by website developers and contributes to improving a website. This includes, but is not limited to, unique content, good programming, and easy-to-understand website navigation. On the other hand, there is the so-called off-page optimization. This is specifically about the perception of the individual visitors and users of the website. Basically, it's about how satisfied they are and whether they have a positive experience with the site. If so, they share and spread the content, creating further recommendations for the site.

In order to be able to make the process described above clearer, it can be compared with the process in a burger restaurant. The chef would be the website operator, who can optimize and improve the restaurant (the website) by refining burgers, for example by using excellent ingredients and an impressive presentation. In this case it would be the OnPage Optimization.

The OffPage Optimization, to continue the burger restaurant example, would be the waiters pointing out the different burgers. These would then be the recommendations for the website.

Important KPI indicators are used to examine and measure how successful Search Engine Optimization is. Some are explained in more detail in the following section:

  • OnPage SEO KPI
    This is a good way to measure the performance on your own website. Measures that can be taken here include optimizing the title, meta description (description) and headings.
  • search engine rankings
    With the search engine ranking can be used to determine which subpages of a website perform well in comparison to each other.
  • CTR (click-through rate)
    The number of visitors who reach a website through search results can be determined with the CTR. It also provides insight into which subpages are most and least visited by search results.
  • Traffic
    Traffic includes the page views that only come from organic searches on the search engines.

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SEA – search engine advertising

Search engine advertising (SEA) includes the fight for coveted advertising space in the form of ads in search engine hit lists. It's a subfield of search engine marketing, like that SEO, and includes, among other things, text ads that are displayed through organic search results, for example on Google. The display advertising, which is displayed on partner pages of search engines, is also part of the SEA.

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How does SEA work?

Search engine advertising (search engine advertising) is about optimizing the purchased advertising for relevant keywords. With the SEA, keywords or keyword combinations are booked.

The allocation of advertising space works in a similar way to an auction in which the auctioneer offers the goods (search terms). To do this, an ad is created, keywords are defined and the price that the advertiser is willing to pay for the ad is determined. With this, all advertisers compete for places on the search results page. An algorithm determined by the

Multiplication of the maximum click price (CPC) and the quality factor of which advertiser is placed where. Whoever then gets the highest score is placed first, followed by the others. The auctioneer not only pays attention to the amount of the bid, but also to who exactly is bidding. Let's assume that the search term "shoes" is entered in Google. A company is the highest bidder but only sells pants. This is recognized and processed by the ranking. This gives another website that sells shoes a higher position, even though it has a lower SEA budget. This shows that simply buying positions and Adwords is often not enough, since the site must also be relevant to the user's search results. Quality factors that play a role here are, for example, the quality of the page, the click rate for a specific keyword or the relevance of the keyword for the user.

In conclusion, it can be said that the SEA is about optimizing relevant keywords from inorganic search results on the search results page (SERP), since placements in the hit lists are bought and not just sorted by the ranking. In comparison, there is Search Engine Optimization, in which keywords are optimized for organic search results.

An interesting feature of the SEA is that the advertiser incurs costs only when an ad is clicked. There are also various booking options in the SEA, which are briefly listed below:

  • Cost per click (CPC)
    When the user clicks on an ad, the advertiser incurs costs.
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
    Costs arise when a product/service on the website is purchased by the user or an inquiry is sent.
  • Thousand contact price (CPM)
    There are costs for showing (visibility) the ad per thousand, regardless of whether it was clicked.
  • Cost per phone call (CPP)
    Provided there is a Google forwarding number, there are costs per call.

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Social Media Marketing Ads Reach Conversion Retargeting

+ The supplement: social media marketing

Whether B2C or B2B, we ALL have a private life - even the top manager, engineer, managing director, group CEO etc!
When done right, social media provides the interface between business and private life.
The focus is no longer on the current search but much more on the emotional conscious and subconscious perception.
Psychologically, social media marketing offers the best potential for generating inquiries and sales from prospects.
Social media remarketing and retargeting is the key to success here.

And together as SEO-SEA-Hybrid-Strategy you reach up to 100% of all searches in the search result and have up to 3x the chance to be visible!
Social media marketing complements retargeting and thus becomes a holistic concept!

An impressive example of how even 4 placements on page 1 on Google are possible with a targeted hybrid strategy:

Seo Sea Hybrid Strategy Search Engine Marketing
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