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Simply implement WordPress shop WooCommerce product configurator (product designer)

A WordPress + WooCommerce product configurator or designer is commonly used to design and customize custom products in online stores like your WooCommerce store. Customers can design their desired product, design it freely, configure it and receive the corresponding price for their individual product. In this article we have listed the top 5 WooCommerce product configurator & designer plugins, because there are no more good ones ;)
Woocommerce quantity specification decimal partial quantities comma plugin quantity control by the meter

WooCommerce quantity specification decimal partial quantities (comma) – plugin for quantity control (e.g. 0,5 meter goods)

With the WooCommerce plugin you have full quantity control + many ways of designing the quantity entry in the online shop on the product page. The plugin allows within less [...]
Woocommerce Product Bundles Product Packages Plugin Kits Sets Addons

WooCommerce Product Bundles / Product Packages Plugin (Kits, Sets, AddOns)

Product bundling (product bundles, kits, sets, add-ons) is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Bundle some products, offer them at a discount and watch how [...]
WordPress Woocommerce Shipping Costs Per Item Product Variant

WooCommerce shipping costs per item/product/variant

A wish of many shop operators with WooCommerce is to set an extra shipping cost per product, article or variant, especially for bulky products or products with high weight. [...]
WordPress Woocommerce Deposit Plugin Calculate Bottle Deposit Deposit Fee

WooCommerce deposit plugin for calculating the deposit (bottle deposit / deposit)

Looking for a WooCommerce deposit plugin for e.g. a bottle deposit system or other additional fees for reusable packaging or similar. at the shop? Here is the flexible solution [...]
WordPress T Shirt Designer Woocommerce T Shirt Design Plugin Module

WordPress T-Shirt Designer Plugin – create t-shirt design with WooCommerce

Having a t-shirt store as your own online shop is a profitable entry into online trading for many. WordPress and WooCommerce offers an ideal and independent [...]
Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing B2b B2c Wholesaler User Groups

WooCommerce dynamic pricing for B2B/B2C and wholesalers (user groups)

Set dynamic bulk pricing rules by category and product. Enable store-wide sales (B2B resellers), private stores (B2C end customers), automatically add coupons [...]
Woocommerce Product Samples Plugin Samples Samples Order Shop

WooCommerce Product Sample Plugin for Easy Sample Ordering (Examples & Samples)

Selling products via the shop is very easy in the standard system. But what if you want to sell product examples, product samples or product samples? Variant products are always ugly, extra [...]
Woocommerce shipping calculator Product page Calculate shipping costs

WooCommerce Shipping Calculator on Product Page – Calculate shipping cost on product page

Allow your customer to calculate shipping before adding the product to the cart with available shipping methods. A product page shipping calculator for WooCommerce is special [...]
Woocommerce Multiple Variants Images Variable Products Multiple Product Images Image Gallery Product Page

WooCommerce multiple variant images / variable products multiple product images

An image gallery for variable variant products in WooCommerce is possible with this great plugin. Each variant can no longer have just one image, but several images [...]

WooCommerce Rent Products – Product Rental

WooCommerce product rental is a simple and effective way to rent your products or services online without dealing with long-term contracts or complicated payment processing [...]
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