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Trusted Shops is the seal of approval for online shops with buyer protection and legal certainty for retailers

In e-commerce, Trusted Shops with its well-known seal of quality has become indispensable. The Cologne-based company has been offering security for buyers and online trade (online retailers) with its own online shop since 1999. The Etrusted symbol even made it into television advertising in the not too distant future, once again underscoring the effect of the seal and the power of ratings for online shops. In the following article you can read more about experiences, tests, what needs to be considered and the advantages and disadvantages of Trusted Shops.
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No rating seal is better known: Trusted Shops is the Internet seal that is in first place in terms of awareness (95 percent).

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Trusted Shops facts:

  • 25.000 registered shops
  • 20 million buyers registered with Trusted Shops in Germany
  • Head office in Cologne
  • Internationally recognized and available in 7 languages
  • Providing online security for buyers and sellers since 1999

The Trusted Shops quality guidelines

quality criteria
The online shop is obliged to comply with the legal regulations on distance selling, e-commerce and data protection in electronic commerce.

1. Identity and Accessibility
In the online shop, the name of the company and the address are easy to find and transparent. A way is offered to contact the online store quickly and easily.

2. Privacy and Security
In the online shop, personal data is only collected, processed, used and passed on to third parties to the extent that

this is permitted by law or the customer has given his express consent to this. Information about the use of personal data is provided in a comprehensible manner. If the online shop sends advertising by e-mail, the recipient is given the opportunity to unsubscribe from further receipt of the advertising by e-mail. The online shop adequately protects the personal data of customers against misuse. In particular, sensitive payment information (account details, credit card details) is only transmitted in encrypted form.

3. Products and Costs
All products offered are described clearly and understandably. Only products are offered whose sale is not legally prohibited and does not violate the Trusted Shops exclusion catalogue. Appropriate age control mechanisms are used where necessary. All product prices, shipping costs and other additional costs are stated transparently.

4. Delivery and Payment
The customer will be informed of the expected delivery time or the exact delivery date. Can the delivery time

or the delivery date is not met in exceptional cases, the customer will be informed immediately. The payment methods offered and the delivery area will be specified at the latest when the ordering process is initiated.

5. Ordering Process
The ordering process is clear and understandable. In particular, the consumer can see when he is placing an order that is subject to a charge. Before sending the order, you will be informed about the products, product prices, shipping costs and other additional costs. Receipt of the order will be confirmed immediately by e-mail.

6. revocation
The consumer will be informed about the right of withdrawal and about any exceptions. The right of revocation is not impermissibly restricted.

7. Trusted Shops buyer protection
The online shop allows you to register for Trusted Shops buyer protection and the Trusted Shops guarantee

to protect against a loss of the purchase price in the event of non-performance or after the goods have been returned - regardless of the payment method.

8. Quality Indicators
Trusted Shops continuously measures the following quality indicators that the online shop must comply with.

8.1 Reviews
The overall grade of the Trusted Shops ratings received must be at least 3,0.

8.2 Refunds
At least 95% of orders with a completed Trusted Shops guarantee must be completed without escalation, so that no application for reimbursement of the purchase price via the Trusted Shops guarantee is required.

8.3 Feedback
At least 95% of Trusted Shops' guarantee requests to the online shop must be answered within five working days.

Updated 02 / 2018

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What advantages does Trusted Shops offer merchants?

  • Improving your search engine ranking (SEO) with the Trusted Shops profile page (high-quality backlink)
  • Display of the rating stars in the Google search results, in your AdWords ads (text ads) and in Google Shopping (product ads) - also on BING!
  • Take advantage of the viral effects when customers share their reviews on social networks (the sharing function is fully integrated into the evaluation process)
  • Up to 30% more conversion (purchases) through more trust towards your shop
    • With customer ratings, you make it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision = significantly higher purchase completion rates
    • The Trusted Shops seal of approval creates trust at first sight
    • Take the financial risk away from your customers with buyer protection - regardless of the payment method!
  • use as Customer retention measure
    • Collect real reviews automatically via the trust badge® (with the Review Collector also for up to 1000 orders from the past)
    • Automatic review reminder
    • Direct response option to reviews and conflict management (online reputation)
    • Analyze your customer feedback and optimize your offer (analysis tool available in the backend)
    • Filter and reporting process for untrue ratings!!!
  • Warning protection and legal certainty through manual certification
    • They meet extensive quality criteria
    • You handle customer data responsibly
    • They offer a customer-centric service
    • In this way, you can avoid legal errors and costly warnings
    • Note: The certification is actually performed by a real natural person. If you have any questions, she is also available by email or telephone
  • product reviews Collect directly and display on the product page (extra module)
  • Easy management of buyer protection via login in real time
  • easy integration and support of almost all known shop systems
  • Use for B2C and B2B Zone because the acceptance is very high!
  • individually adaptable review stickers (seals / badges)
  • Responsive design and very sales-boosting placement at the top of the screen on mobile devices
  • NEW: Now also for you Collect shop premises at the point of sale with Local Reviews (local reviews)! Also display the reviews for your local business on the web and win new customers in your area: Info PDF for download

  • You have the Data sovereignty (export and API): Trusted Shops offers one Interface for ranking, grades and reviews in JSON or in XML format. For a completely flexible and seamless integration into your processes.
  • Can be used internationally (languages ​​available: English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish and Italian)

In summary, this means for online retailers and owners of their own online shops that the certification of Trusted Shops (consists of more than 100 individual criteria from the areas of creditworthiness, security technology, price transparency, information obligations, customer service and data protection) first of all the main advantage of warning protection and the legal certainty. Furthermore, the system simplifies the collection and reviews, which is very important in today's world.

How does the Trusted Shops certification process work?

The Trusted Shops certification takes place in 3 simple steps:

  1. After registering and selecting your package, you will receive documents and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. Meanwhile, the manual check is initiated by a Trusted Shops employee. We recommend paying attention to basic things such as a data protection declaration and general terms and conditions in advance (not mandatory!) - Support from a developer or the supervising agency can be helpful.
  2. After the first test, you will receive an individual test report. It contains point-by-point instructions on what needs to be adjusted for successful certification. Suggestions and instructions are always sent to make it as easy as possible for you.
  3. After a successful examination, you will receive confirmation of the certification. Your Trusted Shops profile page will be activated and you can add the seal, the Trusted Badge and the option to register for buyer protection in your web shop using a module/plugin or manual integration. Please note: Activation can take up to 48 hours.

From the first rating, stars are automatically displayed in the badge and widget.

The Trusted Shops prices are very feasible even for small online shops with a turnover of less than a thousand euros and, thanks to the increase in turnover, are usually back in the checkout after just a few orders.

The corresponding compliant Trusted Shops terms and conditions can just about the legal copywriter (Legal texts, always up-to-date + generator for B2C, B2B, eBay and Amazon).

Cancel Trusted Shops Depending on the payment method, you can pay monthly or annually. Please pay attention to your selection when booking the Trusted Shops logo / seal.

In our opinion (agency opinion), the Trusted Shops seal of approval is one of the few really meaningful seals of approval for online retailers on the market. There are numerous providers of trust symbols and seals, which are simply issued for X amount without certification. This is of course not a good way and consumes the competitor. Also, the connection between the rating and the real order (order number) is not given for many. Trusted Shops' strict catalog of requirements offers security for both parties, a customer advantage and a basis for data protection and the provider's creditworthiness.

The reputation of the badge / seal is so high that since 2017 many well-known retailers have included it in television advertising. The rating seal with the small e has become indispensable on the internet and e-commerce.

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    What advantages does Trusted Shops offer buyers?

    • You always read real reviews from people who have already bought from this store
    • Protection in case of non-delivery
    • Protection against non-reimbursement, e.g. after cancellation, return of goods and transport loss (regardless of the selected payment method)
    • Purchases automatically secured up to 100 euros per purchase (with Trusted Shops PLUS even up to 20.000 euros per purchase)
    • Protection against bankruptcy, differences in the cancellation of your order
    • Trusted Shops identity protection (optional)

    This automatically applies to every purchase in every shop with the Trusted Shops seal of approval.

    The quality features

    Privacy and Security: Shops may only collect, use and pass on personal data if this is permitted by law or if you have given your express consent.

    Costs and prices: Before submitting the order, you will be informed clearly and understandably about product prices, shipping costs and other additional costs.

    Payment: At the latest at the beginning of the ordering process, you will be given all the payment methods offered.

    Delivery: You will be informed of the expected delivery time or the exact delivery date.

    Returns: You will be informed about the right of withdrawal and any exceptions or special features. In addition, the right of withdrawal is not inadmissible or restricted to the detriment of the customer.

    Customer Service: You can count on good customer service. Because the service quality of certified shops is kept permanently transparent thanks to the Trusted Shops quality indicators.

    Guarantee conditions as PDF

    In summary, the Buyer protection from Trusted Shops as one of the leading seals of quality for online shops in Europe, maximum security with every purchase. Recognition is very easy, since the symbol is often located directly in the visible area. You can often find it at the top above the navigation, on the right edge of the screen, or at the very bottom of the page. Of the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection protects you and your purchase effectively, so that you do not bear any risk.

    Buyer protection is available in two different versions: Trusted Shops Basic with a guarantee of up to 100 euros per purchase and Trusted Shops PLUS with a guarantee of up to 20.000 euros per purchase. Simply register here:

    to Trusted Shops buyer protection*

    Conclusion: The use makes sense for both the buyer and the shop operator.

    Trusted Shops is the seal of quality for online shops in Germany and Europe

    As a Alternative for the service sector, especially trade, industry and office services we recommend Proven Expert with high recognition and easy processing at a reasonable price.

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    The most frequently asked questions about Trusted Shops:


    What is Trusted Shops? / Trusted Shops what is that? / What does the Trusted Shop seal mean?

    To put it simply, Trusted Shops GmbH from Cologne offers buyer protection in three variants – free of charge, for €9,90 a year or for €29,90 a year. This means that all purchases in certified online shops are automatically protected up to €100 with the free solution and even up to €20.000 with the two paid solutions per purchase! More information, Trusted Shops costs for buyers and differences to Buyer protection.

    In addition, the Trusted Shops seal offers retailers, i.e. owners of their own online shop and/or a local shop, a rating function with integration within the Google search results. This increases acceptance and trust among customers and is a significant sales booster. All ratings are in a closed system and cannot simply be falsified, as is the case with many other seal and rating providers.

    All data, purchases, sales etc. can then be monitored and viewed at a central location in your own "my trusted shops account".

    Of course, you can also cancel your Trusted Shops membership at any time. You can find more information about this in your account.

    Thus, the Trusted Shops Guarantee (guarantee) is positive for buyers as well as sellers/dealers!

    Does Trusted Shops buyer protection make sense?

    Yes, it is, because even with small defects, late or failed delivery or wrong delivery, Trusted Shops with real people in the support immediately helps and mediates between the buyer and the online shop or dealer. With the paid version, all purchases are secured up to 20.000, which is really great security - Europe-wide!

    So when making your purchase, make sure that you are buying from a Trusted Shops retailer. These are among the trustworthy online shops, because buyers can only give a rating if they actually bought it.

    Trusted Shops buyer protection experiences (guarantee experiences)

    Is Trusted Shops just a review portal for online shops?

    No, unlike many other seals of approval, a shop is always certified and checked according to the current legal situation. The online seal of approval from Trusted Shops is characterized by protection for buyers and sellers and only collects reviews of purchases that have actually taken place. This prevents fake ratings!

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