WooCommerce B2B Shop & B2B Market Plugin solution in German

WooCommerce B2B B2C solution: The e-commerce world is divided into e-commerce B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer): In B2C e-commerce the customer is an end consumer, in e-commerce B2B he is Customer a company other than resellers and distributors.

As a WordPress & WooCommerce agency we are constantly receiving requests for WooCommerce B2B Shops and the well-known B2B Market Plugin solution. Are you looking for a wholesale solution for your e-commerce store? Stop your search because with this video and article you can set up a WooCommerce B2B shop with plugins for resellers, dealers with gross/net prices and much more, either yourself or with our help. implement!

How to implement a WooCommerce B2B shop with plugins or B2B market in German

  • WooCommerce B2B Plugin (Recommendation!)
    Finally the first All in One Woo B2B Plugin (click here)*, which WooCommerce uses to meet the needs of business-to-business. With WooCommerce B2B, you have all the essential features you need to build a successful wholesale e-commerce business in just one solution. Say goodbye to incompatibility issues. WooCommerce B2B is a plugin that lets you run business-to-business mode in your WooCommerce store and use it for wholesale. If you enable WooCommerce B2B you can show prices only to customers who are logged in, moderate the registration, only allow orders up to a certain minimum amount, new useful fields on products and on the checkout page add… and now also manage product category visibility!But it doesn't stop there! New and very useful features that will be released with the next updates are already in development. The plugin is fully translatable into German!

    WooCommerce B2B - Intro

    ✔ Single product prices by group Set single product price by customer groups, set a global percentage discount or both (cascading).

    ✔ Product discount by customer group: create customer groups with custom discount percentage to differentiate price lists. It can be applied in groups to a single product price.

    ✔ Hide price for guest users: Only registered and logged in customers can see and buy product prices.

    ✔ Product categories visible by group: If this option is activated, each customer group can be set to only show some product categories depending on their group. Of course, products that do not belong to the permitted product categories are also hidden.

    ✔ Approve user registration: You are free to decide which customers can shop in your store and activate the accounts you deem appropriate.

    ✔ Advanced Registration Form: Add advanced registration form with invoice fields.

    ✔ Manage payment gateways: In each group you can disable payment methods for customers belonging to the group.

    ✔ User notification on approval: Send an email notification to each customer when their account is activated and active.

    ✔ Admin notification on new customer registration Send an email notification to the admin when a new customer account is registered.

    ✔ Field for VAT number in billing address and email Add mandatory VAT number in billing address, order email and order details in backend.

    ✔ Minimum Order Quantity: Only customers can check if the total price of their cart is equal to or more than the set amount.

    ✔ Minimum quantity to add to cart: Customer must add at least specified quantity of a single product to cart.

    ✔ Incremental Product Quantities: Product may only be purchased in sets of specified incremental quantities.

    ✔ Customized notifications with ticks Customize: All B2B notifications and messages with appropriate filters and ticks.

    ✔ Bulk actions of users in the admin area Assign: With one click several customers to a group, or activate / deactivate customer accounts with bulk actions in the admin area.

    ✔ Customer list in CSV: Export In the WordPress export tools you can get a CSV file with all customer data.

    ✔ Import/Export WooCommerce B2B Product Data: You can now manage large-scale WooCommerce B2B fields with the standard advanced WooCommerce Import/Export tools.

    ✔ Users by Group: Filter Make your work easier by filtering your users by group.

    ✔ Users by status: filter Make your work easier by filtering your users by status.

    ✔ Customer registration: with e-mail Simplified registration with e-mail address instead of user name.

    ✔ Excellent Compatibility: Requires WooCommerce v3.xx and is compatible with all themes.

    ✔Multilingual 100% multilingual and currently available in Italian and English. Includes a POT file to speed up translation to other languages.

    ✔ Custom Hooks: Lots of hooks to easily change the default behavior.

    to the Woo B2B plugin *


  • WooCommerce EU VAT & B2B
    The WooCommerce Eu Vat & B2B (WCEV) seamlessly integrates an additional EU Vat number field into your WooCommerce platform. It will only be displayed dynamically during the checkout process if the selected billing country is part of the European Union. The plugin also offers various other options such as the ability to validate the field, make it mandatory or remove the taxes if a valid VAT number has been entered. Optionally, you only provide the registration process for companies (B2B) with a valid VAT identification number!to the EU VAT B2B plugin *
  • WooCommerce Tax Tax Selector (PopUp, "Flag")
    With this extension, you can easily switch between taxable and untaxed price. The toggle is automatically added as a floating button on the left side of the site. This extension allows the customer to choose whether they want to display the price for your WooCommerce products including taxes (Gross) or excluding taxes (Net). The chosen option is remembered so that when the customer moves from page to page the prices are displayed according to their selection. The toggle can also be added as a widget in a sidebar so you can control where it is displayed. The behavior of the shopping cart and checkout differs from the rest of the site to improve user experience. In the shopping cart, the tax switch shows / hides the VAT and the total order in the order overview. The individual items are not toggled as this can be confusing for the customer.In the checkout, the toggle is hidden because the tax is shown according to the checkout rules. Eg by which city is selected in the address. The tax toggle uses the base country's tax settings according to the Tax Settings section. Please make sure you have your tax rates set for the plugin to work.To the plugin for the control switch *
  • Pricing by user role / user groups
    Prices By User Role is a WooCommerce role-based pricing and wholesale plugin that can also be used to enable catalog mode in the online store. Pricing by User Role provides dynamic pricing to the customer, allowing products to be priced differently for different customer groups. For example, if you want to charge wholesale and retail customers different prices, or add the discount for each role group, the Pricing by User Role plugin is for you. This plugin also serves to display WooCommerce prices and/or hide the "Add to cart" button from unregistered users or individual role groups in your online store and much more. Prices by User Role is a fantastic ecommerce tool that will help you make your online store even better!» Read the full article on user groupsTo the plugin for user roles and prices *
  • B2B Market = The biggest solution (the flagship)
    WooCommerce and B2B shops go together with this plugin from MarketPress. It is the most powerful, but also "most expensive" plugin in the German-speaking area. With this module you can sell to B2B and B2C at the same time. With individual prices for different customers, verification of the VAT ID upon registration, graduated prices, extended discounts and much more. Expand your sales to business customers, end customers and other target groups - with B2B Market from the same developers as German Market.
    and much more please refer all functionsto the B2B Market PluginIn this video, WOOExpert reports in detail about B2B Market from MarketPress
  • Additional tip: WooCommerce B2B Quick Order
    Quick Order for WooCommerce allows shoppers to quickly purchase a large number of different products without having to visit each product page. It is designed to reduce the number of steps required to place an order and allow customers to add products quickly.It provides the most convenient steps for a wholesaler to place orders through an autocomplete search box and shows the autocomplete ones suggestions for products. If the customer enters the product name in the field, items can be picked up immediately. Additionally, customers can import CSV files to add to cart. WooCommerce Quick Order Plugin enhances the shopping experience for your customers by providing a simple, intuitive way to purchase your products.to the Quick Order Plugin

Start your B2B shop with WordPress + WooCommerce now!

As a WordPress & WooCommerce agency we will be happy to help you with other topics, questions and problems.

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Email: fi@pictibe.de

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Florian Ibe
Florian Ibe
is the founder and owner of pictibe. He describes himself as one of the lucky ones who were able to turn their hobby into a career. His daily task is to reduce complex relationships to the essentials and to develop a direct message for customers and employees.


  1. Timo says:

    Hi all,

    Topic: online shop
    Search plugin or other options.

    The following problem: I have a product and need several dropdowns for it and then different prices in each dropdown

    Example dropdown 1:

    1KG charcoal 10 euros
    2KG charcoal 20 euros

    example Dropwown 2:
    1 bag of charcoal 30 euros
    2 bags of charcoal 60 euros

    now the customer should be able to select 1 KG from the 1 dropdown and 1 sack from the 2 dropdown and the price and variants should be connected in the shopping cart.

    I would be incredibly happy about a solution / idea / feedback.

    Theme is Flatsome and this option does not work via the variables create products!

    LG Timo

  2. jends says:


    I would like to implement variable products and max quantities in my shop, but many functions of B2B Market are irrelevant, which is why I don't necessarily want to pay for this plugin every year. Do third-party plug-ins work better with B2B-whoCommerce or with B2B-Marketpress, that's where I'm most worried or where have you had better experiences? I also wanted to ask if German Market works just as well with B2B-whoCommerce.


    • Florian Ibe says:

      The "costs" are worth every cent and, in addition to the license, support is also included with the plugin purchase. We recommend Germanized over German Market, but both are good. Our tip: Invest a few euros and test it and, if necessary, find a solution through support if you have problems.

      • every says:

        Thanks for the answer!,

        Is it possible to connect B2B Marketpress with the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin or do you know if there is any compatibility?

        • Florian Ibe says:

          Unfortunately no, B2B Market price adjustments are only applied to the normal WooCommerce prices. That would only be possible with an extra development. We can offer these for around 490.

  3. each says:

    hmm shame it would be possible with B2B Whocommerce from code4lifeitalia.
    Assuming I want an extra development from you, would this only be used as a plugin for B2B Market or can I use it generally for Whocommerce or other systems.

    • Florian Ibe says:

      That would be part of an individual consultation and cannot be answered as it is, as it is really very individual. Both are definitely possible in development.

  4. Tile says:

    Hello Florian,

    Thanks for the article, I'm flirting with the B2B plugin for my dealer area, where ONLY dealers can buy large quantities. However, I have to see their trade license (photo or similar) beforehand in order to release them. Does the plugin also have such a possibility or do you have another smart tool for that? Greetings from Berlin, Karo

    • Florian Ibe says:

      Hello Caro, please contact German Market directly if you want to use B2B Market. Otherwise we recommend manual activation anyway and a normal contact form with upload for the trade license is sufficient. You then manually create the users. It's simple and clean with full control. If you have any questions, please send us an email and we will be happy to help you. Florian

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