WooCommerce Google Cloud Print (Print Invoices & Delivery Notes)

WooCommerce Google Cloud Print is a plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce which enables the automatic printing of invoices (orders) and delivery notes (packaging receipts).

WooCommerce Google Cloud Print connects your WooCommerce shop to Google Cloud Print and automatically prints invoices & delivery notes

ATTENTION: Since 2021 there is a new solution because Google Cloud Print is no longer supported.

New blog article about it:

WooCommerce Automatically Print Orders + Delivery Notes + Receipts – Alternative to Google Cloud Print

So when you get a new order in your store, the order print is immediately sent to your Google Cloud-connected printer. This plugin makes this process fully automatic. You save a lot of time and money and complete your order processing much faster!

The new link since 2021 to the alternative:
to the plugin WooCommerce Automatic Printing*

The plugin prints the following documents:

  • Invoices = orders
  • Parcel label = delivery notes

Which printers does WooCommerce support Google Cloud Print:

  • desktop printer
    Thermal printer

Notes on printers:

  • Classic printers are connected to a laptop or a PC and can be registered with Google Cloud Print via a function in Google Chrome.
  • Cloud-enabled printers connect directly to the internet and can be registered to Google Cloud Print without a laptop or PC.

This plugin is compatible with any printer that can connect to Google Cloud Print.
All documents are also saved as PDF files in Google Drive = archiving.

Plugin advantages:

  1. No more logging in to find orders
  2. No more time for printing out delivery notes
  3. Can be perfectly integrated into the workflow
  4. Simultaneously send orders to any number of printers with different paper sizes and number of copies
  5. No additional costs for expensive print providers and implementations
  6. No more delay between placing the order and fulfilling the orders

Ideally suited for:

  1. Everyone who has a WooCommerce shop and wants to have documents printed automatically
  2. Larger shops with warehouse and shipping department as well as their own accounting
  3. Offer restaurants with a shop and delivery service or food for pick-up
  4. EVERYONE who sells online and wants to automate something

Matching printers for Google Cloud Print *

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  1. avatar photo Timo says:

    Are there receipt printers that you can recommend for Google Cloud Print?

  2. avatar photo Tim says:

    Is there also a plugin for shipping labels=

  3. avatar photo Louis says:

    I just bought the plugin. Now I have found that Google Cloud Print will be discontinued from 01.01.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX. Is there an alternative I can no longer use the plugin?

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