Remove WooCommerce "in stock" notice (out of stock / in stock, Available, Out of Stock hide)
Woocommerce In Stock Remove Stock Note Available Out Of Stock Shop Hide

If you have your own WooCommerce online shop, you will quickly find that the countless setting options also include some functions that unfortunately cannot be switched off directly with just one click. This includes, among other things, the display of "In stock" or "XX in stock". In addition to the setting in the WooCommerce options, the note text cannot be completely removed.

How to hide the "in stock" and "out of stock" in your WooCommerce online store

The often mentioned solution to hide it via CSS is unclean and not to recommend!

Better in the functions.php of the template (preferably a child template)

// Remove variation stock data from product page display
function woocommerce_remove_variation_stock_display( $data ) {
unset( $data['availability_html'] );
return $data;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_available_variation', 'woocommerce_remove_variation_stock_display', 99 );

Recommendation in order not to have to work directly in the template and code -> WordPress plugin code snippets

Important setting in WooCommerce that also needs to be set:

There is the standard Woocommerce function: It specifies whether products should be displayed on the shop page, in the WooCommerce widgets, anywhere on the page despite being "Out of Stock", i.e. "not available / not available".

Only the individual product page shows "Out of Stock" instead of "Add to Cart".

Woocommerce In Stock Remove Stock Note Available Out Of Stock Shop Hide

To change this, follow the 3 steps below (see screenshot):

  • Go to Woocommerce → Settings and click on the Products tab
  • Click on the sub-link (tab) -> Warehouse above
  • Activate the option "Visibility for out of stock" -> Do not show out of stock products in the product catalogue

You can also choose when the inventory should be displayed.
Our recommendation: Only show when stocks are low Conversion to increase.

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