WooCommerce multiple variant images / variable products multiple product images
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An image gallery for variable variant products in WooCommerce is possible with this great plugin. It is now no longer possible to add just one image per variant, but several images as a gallery for each variant of a variable product. This means that a flexibly adapted product gallery is possible for each selection on the product page.

WooCommerce multiple variant images / variable products multiple product images as image gallery

Add gallery images per variation/variant to variable products in WooCommerce. This is very easy and is unfortunately in the standard of one WooCommerce store not possible. But with this cheap plugin it is very flexible and easy. In addition, it is also import and export compatible. The plugin is easily translatable into German (if necessary at all)

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Add any number of images (product images) to your variable product variations

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images extension allows you to add additional gallery images per variation for variable products in WooCommerce.

By default, WooCommerce only swaps the main variation image when you select a product variation, not the gallery images below.

This extension allows visitors to your online store to swap different gallery images when selecting a product variant. Adding this feature allows visitors to see different images of a product variant, all in the same color and style.

Variations have their own set of gallery images in the frontend
Note: If you use additional variant images, all other gallery images will be hidden once a variant has been selected.

setup and configuration

  1. Go to : WooCommerce > Products
  2. Select one of your variable products.
  3. Select  in The Field Product details the tab variations off.
  4. Look for it the link Additional Pictures add and click on it. You can use this link to add as many additional images as you like for each variant.
Galleries are set up in the product edit screen

Delete or add images

  • Delete an image by clicking on it.
  • Rearrange images by clicking and dragging them to where you want them.

Make sure you have a default set of gallery images for your product, otherwise it won't work.


First check if it is a theme compatibility issue. Switch to a default WordPress theme like the Twenty Twelve or Twenty Fifteen theme and test again. If it still doesn't work, try disabling all plugins except WooCommerce and Additional Variation Images and test again.

Make sure you have a product image gallery set up for this extension to work.
Make sure you have a product image gallery set up for this extension to work. 

Support for third-party plugins

Product CSV import suite

This plugin allows you to update/import/export your product variation images in bulk. If you are interested in using this plugin, here is the link WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

The best way to do this is to create a product with variation images and then export it first so you have a map structure to work with.

To import additional variation images, you need to add the column meta:_wc_additional_variation_images. For Value, enter a comma-separated list of IDs of the images on your site. You can get these IDs if you bulk add the images to your website via the media library.


There are many hooks available for you to customize the plugin to your needs. While this section is primarily for developers, you can visit https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Hooks learn how to use hooks

Below is a list of hooks and a brief description of what they do.

  • apply_filters( 'wc_additional_variation_images_gallery_images_class', string ) – Used to add additional class names to the HTML container tag that wraps all variation images
  • apply_filters( 'wc_additional_variation_images_main_images_class', string ) - Used to add additional class names to the HTML container tag that wraps the main image of the currently active variant.

Javascript trigger

  • wc_additional_variation_images_frontend_before_show_variation– A callback function to be executed when a variation change is triggered.
  • wc_additional_variation_images_frontend_ajax_response_callback– A callback function that is to be executed after a variant screen change has already taken place.
  • wc_additional_variation_images_frontend_init– A callback function that will be executed once the plugin javascript has been initialized.


This plugin is fully translatable and the POT is in the plugin's folder/languages. Place your translated MO file in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-additional-variation-images/languagesfolder.

Tip: Translate plugins into German (blog article)

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