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Who does not know it? As soon as you offer purchase on account without PayPal, Klarna etc. in the shop, you have to run after the money. What a debt collection company could otherwise take on for 30% and more commission can also be done via WooCommerce reminders or WooCommerce payment reminders. Although this is not a standard in the toilet shop, it will save you a lot of time with the right plugin (see below) and is very easy and quick to set up in your online shop.

Send WooCommerce reminders & payment reminders with just one click

With Payment Reminder, you can automatically send reminder emails for pending payments and track emails asking for a review. The texts are freely definable. In German, one would also say “mahnung” directly. Where an extra finance system, accounting software or CRM is normally required, this plugin also directly covers the "dunning procedure".

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Easily send payment reminders or warnings with WooCommerce

With the payment reminder or reminder You can automatically send reminder emails for pending payments, track emails asking you for a review, and send emails to customers who canceled the order based on specific rules you create.

The email will be sent automatically after the initial setup, which includes enabling reminders, selecting the interval day, and limiting the number of reminders sent. You can also send emails manually for each order.

For example, you can send a payment reminder email for a specific payment method if an order has not been paid for two days after the order was placed. You can encourage customers who canceled the order by providing discount coupons regardless of whether they chose a specific payment method or not.

This extension automatically detects orders with pending payments and sends payment reminders. Emails must be sent to the users whose payment is pending or who have canceled the order.

This extension helps you collect customer reviews from people who recently bought a product by allowing you to invite them to review the items they bought. Once an order is completed, a product review email is sent to the user. In return, after receiving this email, the user can provide feedback on the purchased product.

Main features of the plugin:

  • Automatically send email reminders for WooCommerce orders (for pending payment orders or follow-up emails asking for review or for a canceled order).
  • Send emails manually for each order.
  • Automatically invite customers to rate their purchase.
  • Easily access and manage Pending Orders and Canceled Orders in the extension.
  • Activate/deactivate a reminder at any time easily in the settings.
  • Set up CC and/or BCC for each email to track it.
  • You can select the day to send a reminder email after placing your order.
  • You can set the reminder limit. Emails will be sent automatically until the limit is reached.
  • You can add a discount coupon to encourage customers who have canceled an order to buy.
  • You can create a voucher for a specific payment method.
  • You can restrict the payment method for a pending payment order.
  • Edit the content for the email body, including placeholders for data from the order (name, order amount, etc.)
  • You can customize the header, body and footer of emails.

Pros of the plugin for WooCommerce:

  1. Easy to set up, customizable emails.
  2. Additional coupon feature – create coupons for a specific payment gateway.
  3. Easily manage order list (Easily access all pending and canceled orders. You can manually send a reminder email to each order.)

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