WooCommerce Cart Storage | Cart Reports Plugin German explanation

Saving the WooCommerce shopping cart is one of the most important optimizations to make more sales with your own online shop with WordPress & WooCommerce.

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In this video I show you how to:

  1. Can save open shopping carts in the database (MySQL).
  2. Have an overview of all open, closed and lost (abdoned) shopping carts
  3. Can send an e-mail to users with a registered e-mail address (note: GDPR)
  4. The clear reports in WooCommerce

The "Cart Reports" show you the abandonment statistics and charts in the dashboard and in the reports of shopping carts of your WooCommerce shop / webshop.

WooCommerce Cart Reports Plugin explained in German – Must-Have & huge added value for all WordPress/WooCommerce webshops!

WooCommerce Cart Reports extension provides real-time metrics for your customers' open and abandoned carts. Keep track of your customers' shopping carts and baskets and manage them more efficiently in the online shop.

Features of WooCommerce Cart Reports at a glance:

  • Easy to install and manage
  • Clear dashboard widgets
  • Extensive custom date range reports
  • The Cart Save Detail view shows cart products, last update, and more.
  • Reach out to the customer if they signed up but didn't complete their purchase

Cart Reports for WooCommerce provides full reporting functionality in a new Cart tab in WooCommerce Reports tab in WooCommerce then Reports. The Carts tab allows you to view converted/open/abandoned carts over a custom date range, most abandoned products, and products abandoned per month.

Shopping Cart Reports for WooCommerce Reports provides a list view to analyze open, abandoned and converted shopping carts (completed purchases). In the list view you can filter by shopping cart date, shopping cart status or customers. You can view cart actions, where available, including "View Order" for converted WooCommerce carts and "Email Customer" for a user-linked cart.

The list view also offers two dashboard widgets that provide admins with a quick overview of cart trends and statistics. See currently open carts and a 30-day chart overview right in the Woocommerce dashboard.

► NOTE: This WooCommerce plugin is part of the standard basic equipment for every WordPress + WooCommerce webshop and is official from woocommerce.com

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This graphic from Trustes Shops shows why it is so important to save your shopping cart:

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Shopping Cart Buying Behavior Online Shop Ecommerce Webshop Abandoned cart

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