WooCommerce Variable Products with Product Extra Options

WooCommerce variable products give every shop the flexibility for colors, sizes, designs to suitable variants. Product extra options offer even more possibilities.

WooCommerce variable products with extra options (buttons, boxes, fields, input, upload)

Regardless of the product properties and variants of a product, you can use WooCommerce Product Extra Options to add individual addons, options to your existing WooCommerce product.

With further intelligent logic, you can also create dependencies and many different configurations depending on the user's selection.

WooCommerce products are therefore becoming significantly more intelligent and flexible. With additional fields, buttons, text areas or even a file upload, you get unlimited flexibility in your WooCommerce shop.

Even complex CONFIGURATORS are possible!!!

In the video I only show a small selection of possibilities. I would be happy to help you personally with my team to find the best solution for your shop and your products.

Click here for the plugin *

With the extra additional product options, the WooCommerce plugin is the solution for all problems related to additional fields and configurators.

NEW: Our service for a finished configurator in the product or for several products

The inquiries of the last few months have shown us that many users of the plugin are overwhelmed and sometimes go wrong to a configurator. We have therefore put together "help packages" to implement a complete configurator depending on the request without you losing time, money and nerves. We guarantee you clean and visually beautiful products with the product extra options.

Simply make your request using the form with a link and description.
We create the configurator from as little as 290 euros as a ready-made solution.

Inquire now without obligation from us as a professional agency:

    WooCommerce Extra Product Options is THE plugin for additional product options without having to use variables!

    You can create budget product options and addons, conditional logic (within the form builder), create forms, style and validate functions, convert variation attribute dropdowns to radio buttons, image boxes, or swatches, and much more.

    You can even control the placement of your new fields with the form builder. Full support for checkboxes, radio buttons, selection boxes, text areas, input fields, upload, date, area selection and color selection.

    Other Features of Product Extra Options Plugin:

    • Supports checkbox, radio button, selection box, text area, input box, upload, date, range selection and color selection
    • The prices can change depending on the selected variant depending on the product option
    • Simple form field generator
    • Choice between fixed or percentage price increase
    • Limit selection of boxes
    • Import / export functions in forms
    • Lazy load images for radios and checkboxes
    • Optimized for maximum speed
    • Individual product images depending on the selection of options
    • Performance increase for a large number of options
    • Section options as popup
    • Conditional logic for fields and sections in the form builder.
    • Sections can be displayed normally, as pop-ups or as sliders
    • Simple upload manager

    View and buy the plugin now*

    Examples of configurators with the Extra Options product:

    The ideal addition as an add-on: Additional checkout options for the till*

    Additional checkout options require WooCommerce Extra Product Options 4.9x. You can use Form Builder in WooCommerce Extra Product Options to create additional fields on your WooCommerce Checkout Page = Checkout which can be free or paid with advanced logic. The following elements can be freely positioned:

    • checkboxes
    • RadioButtons
    • select boxes
    • Text areas (textarea)
    • Free text fields (input)
    • upload fields
    • Date fields
    • slider
    • color selection

    Attention: This addon only works together with the Product Extra options!

    View and buy the checkout add-on now*

    Another alternative are WooCommerce checkout fields and fees with logic at checkout.

    pictibe advertising agency Florian Ibe owner of online marketing

    Questions about WooCommerce plugins or help? Get advice now:

    Email: fi@pictibe.de

    Florian Ibe

    Florian Ibe
    Florian Ibe
    is the founder and owner of pictibe. He describes himself as one of the lucky ones who were able to turn their hobby into a career. His daily task is to reduce complex relationships to the essentials and to develop a direct message for customers and employees.


    1. […] It must be said here that from 3 combinable product properties, one tends to switch to a plugin such as Product Extra Options, since management is simpler and more efficient for the loading time […]

    2. Violinist Roland says:

      Is it really the case that your product "WooCommerce Variable Products with Extra Options" is advertised in German, but the documentation supplied is in English and the installation is also in EN?
      (PS where is the support area?)

    3. Roli Geiger says:

      Well… what can I say about that – I am very disappointed, especially since some English appears in the frontend: Options amount and Final Total:

      • Florian Ibe says:

        But that's "unfortunately" the case with web development. I'm putting out a video for translation today. This is very easy with Loco Translate. The German language is not a world language, but English is. Anyone can translate whatever they want with Loco Translate.

    4. Roli Geiger says:

      I'm one of those people who check beforehand. What I complain about is already visible via Loco translated. Unfortunately, however, the language in the FE does not work. YES the page is correctly configured and set to DE Switzerland, the plugin does not recognize this as DE, so I have to switch to DE-DE. But that's not the intention... "unfortunately"

      • Florian Ibe says:

        Of course we also translated it here. Only the correct translation file has to be created or a fallback in the language. However, this exceeds our free service. You are welcome to write a short email and we will do it for a small fee.

    5. Roli Geiger says:

      Where is that written? I certainly won't pay for it.

      • Florian Ibe says:

        Then I wish you a lot of fun solving it yourself. This is not part of the plugin and is up to each site operator. Here you seem to lack the experience in dealing with WordPress and WooCommerce. We are happy to offer professional help, but not for free.

    6. Britta says:

      Phew, I can certainly speak English, but I really like it in a documentation if the buttons are called the same as they are called in the plugin. I'm already failing
      Step 2
      "Click the Add Global Form button at the top of the screen.".
      too bad, it takes a lot more time than necessary... screenshots would also help, it doesn't have to be German text.

      • Florian Ibe says:

        Hi Britta, yes that's true. Sometimes the plugin author's documentation is not optimal. Often you have to search or try a little. We can also help you with the correct setup and configuration for a fee.

    7. […] Own additional fields and extra options for products go with the Product Extra Options. […]

    8. […] Own additional fields and extra options for products go with the Product Extra Options. […]

    9. Bjorn says:

      Hello Florian, is there a way to display the options in the shop view? At the moment the options are only displayed in the product view. I would be very happy about feedback. LG Bjorn

    10. Marco says:

      is it possible to add a "maxlength" and "pattern" attribute to and?
      Is there a demo / trail version for testing?

      • Florian Ibe says:

        Hello Marco,

        they are freely definable fields with optional logic.
        The plugin is very cheap.
        I recommend you just try it out.


        • Marco says:

          Thank you for your quick answer.
          Optional logic means everything and nothing. I would like to limit the number of characters to be entered in input fields (input & textarea) (when entering) and use RegEx to check the entries and, if necessary, the format (date in DD.MM.YYYY). Can this be implemented with this plugin? Yes or no?

          Is the plugin also compatible with German Market? Only found Germanized in the list.


          PS: Info mail that the question is answered would be nice. Don't know if that can be combined with the GDPR.

          • Florian Ibe says:

            Look in the plugin description: "Supports check-boxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text-areas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker, color picker and product elements. More field types will be available soon! quantity restrictions are available…”
            The plugin is not ours, in case that hasn't become clear.

            It goes with German Market.

            Info-Mail only works with opt-in and we didn't plan that.

    11. Torsten says:

      Hello Florian,
      Very nice tool, but since I installed it, does the VAT add to the total below for the correctly displayed product price (incl. VAT)? If I select an additional option, the additional option is displayed correctly by the price, but the total changes to the same value as for additional options. Only the price of the additional option is displayed in the shopping cart. If I omit the additional options, the price in the shopping cart is correct. Do you have a tip for me?
      I'm just a bit clueless.

      • Florian Ibe says:

        Hi Torsten,
        please contact the plugin support directly. It's about the tax regulations in your shop, which are not consistent. Alternatively, send us an email and we can take a look at it for a fee and help you.

    12. Inga says:

      Hi Florian,

      one more question: can I also set this plugin (or another one) so that only one request is sent and does not have to be paid for directly? The overview of options is very nice - but our products are very expensive and should be discussed in person beforehand...

      Thank you for your help!
      Kind regards, Inga

      • Florian Ibe says:

        Hello Inga,

        this has more to do with WooCommerce and less to do with the product.
        For example, you can simply rename check payment to “request” in WooCommerce.
        This is the simplest solution.


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