WordPress GDPR Plugin (TTDSG) – data protection compliant with cookie solution
Wordpress Dsgvo Plugin Ttdsg Data Protection Conform Cookie Solution Banner Consent 2021 2022

The "new" Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG) has been in force since December 01.12.2021st, XNUMX. This law regulates the setting of cookies more precisely and strictly. Very simply put: Cookie consent is mandatory and no longer contestable and the user must display and understand the information BEFORE consenting. Getting it right is all the more important now WordPress Cookie Plugin for (DSGVO / GDPR & TTDSG).

WordPress GDPR Plugin (TTDSG) – Notice data protection compliant with WP WordPress cookie plugin banner solution

From December 01.12.2021st, XNUMX, the TTDSG regulates the handling of cookies and tracking technologies under German law. 🍪 Opt-in cookie banners 🍪 will thus become mandatory for almost all pages. In the absence of consent are easily enforceable Fines of up to €300.000 is possible.

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For a corresponding WordPress privacy policy, we recommend the Privacy Generator by Dr. Thomas Schwenke from Berlin.

There are countless solutions for one WordPress Cookie Plugin and the one associated with it WordPress Cookie Notice (Notice & Consent). We recommend no free Solution, since in most cases it does not work properly, does not meet the new requirements or often requires a Pro version again for full functionality. Of the Cookie Consent for WordPress and WooCommerce does not have to be difficult to set up as a notification banner with consent. But that right WP wordpress cookie plugin with compatibility to WooCommerce is crucial for the legally compliant banner:

Cookie banner example

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With this plugin, the correct WordPress cookie notice is really GDPR compliant in a few minutes with a view to the TTDSG and new judgments from June 2022.


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✅ Blog article with information about version 3: https://bit.ly/wp-cookie-hinweis-aktuell *


Thanks to the integrated automatic scanner and the corresponding subdivision into Consent Services as well as the Content blocker, as a website operator or online retailer you have a very high level of security if the recommendations are implemented correctly and followed. The plugin also works with WooCommerce.

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    Are you currently using the popular WordPress cookie plugin Borlabs? See the linked article below for more information on this:

    Borlabs Cookie Alternative

    A comparison of various Cookie Consent Solutions see here.*.


    Our esteemed colleague Peer summarized a more detailed explanation:

    Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG) from 12/2021 - New rules for websites & cookies

    Another very nice article:

    TTDSG: Cookie law for website operators in Germany

    WordPress GDPR Plugin: Data protection compliant website through WordPress Cookie Plugin within the framework of the E-Privacy Regulation

    The Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG) has been in force since December 1, 2021, which regulates the setting of cookies even more strictly and precisely. Cookie consent is mandatory and no longer contestable. That's why it's all the more important WordPress Privacy Policy Plugin (Cookie PopUp Generator) use.

    Best possible legal certainty with WordPress GDPR plugin

    The TTDSG regulates the handling of tracking technologies and cookies in German law with immediate effect, making opt-in cookie banners mandatory for almost all websites. If there is no consent, fines of up to 300.000 euros would be possible.

    The GDPR has been in effect since May 25, 2018, since then every website must be designed to be GDPR-compliant. If this is not the case, a warning is issued. about a WordPress GDPR plugin this legal certainty can be established in the best possible way, provided that the Configuration of services and content blockers done correctly.

    The GDPR applies to those who have integrated the following elements, for example:

    • Everyone, as most systems automatically set cookies
    • Google Fonts, TypeKit fonts etc.
    • Affiliate Links
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Ads (AdWords)
    • AdSense
    • banners
    • External content such as scripts and iframes

    Reasons why WordPress plugins are mostly not GDPR compliant

    The challenge with WordPress is that plugins are installed in order to be able to provide various functions. However, these plugins may also collect data, such as an IP address. If this personal data is passed on in an uncontrolled manner and without the knowledge of the user, then there is a violation of the GDPR.

    However, only very few plugins document how personal data is transmitted and to what extent the plugin complies with data protection regulations. However, it is known for other plugins, which should be avoided accordingly. These include Jetpack, ThirstyAffiliate, MashShare, ShareThis, and Disqus Comment System.

    On the other hand, other plugins allow them to be customized accordingly, such as WP Rocket, a3 Lazy Load, Shariff Wrapper, MaxButtons, Loco Translate and WPML. Under certain circumstances, however, it may also be necessary to mention it separately in the data protection declaration, for which we generally recommend the Privacy Generator by Dr. Thomas Schwenke from Berlin.

    A very nice and inexpensive alternative for legal texts with a liability assumption is offered by IT Law Office Munich*.


    WordPress Cookie Plugins, which facilitate the implementation of the DSGVO / GDPR & TTDSG

    Due to the topic, plugins have also been developed accordingly, which are intended to make the implementation of the GDPR easier. After all, WordPress also collects data, especially when working with page builders. It is essential to have the Google fonts loaded locally and to avoid all IP storage, this also applies to the comment section.

    WP GDPR Tools, would be accordingly:

    • Remove Comment IPs
    • Remove Google Fonts References

    Tip: Are you looking for a cookie banner WordPress? Our recommendation for a WordPress GDPR plugin as a (TTDSG) compliant cookie banner solution with consent is the Real Cookie Banner. For the first year there is a discount of 20 percent with the code "PICTIBE" on all packages.

    The plugin has an integrated scanner and therefore also has a content blocker. Online retailers and website operators therefore have a very high level of security - but provided that it is implemented correctly. The plugin also works with WooCommerce.

    WordPress GDPR can thus be easily implemented, whereby future changes on the website are also taken into account by the scanner.

    What is personal data (in WordPress)?

    The following data is defined as personal data in the GDPR:

    • name and address
    • IP address (must be anonymized)
    • Email address
    • Buying and click behavior
    • Vocational training
    • Health data
    • Date of Birth
    • Photos

    In principle, however, the possibility of identifiability is sufficient for the GDPR to be violated. This has happened quickly, especially when using plugins.

    The misconception that no personal data is collected on the website often arises. However, this assumption is often wrong, because every website processes data. Even a website without WordPress would do this, because the hoster also collects data and therefore every website needs a data protection declaration. This is the only way for the user to be informed about data processing.

    Which data is actually collected can be determined with the free tool "Ghostery" being checked. This shows which data is communicated externally:

    FAQ – Questions & answers about the data protection plugin DSGVO & TTDSG for WordPress websites & WooCommerce shops

    • Is WordPress GDPR Compliant?
      WordPress can be operated in a GDPR-compliant manner by using a WordPress privacy policy plugin is set up. At the same time there must be one WordPress Privacy Policy give, in which the hoster and the tools used are discussed.
    • Which GDPR Cookie Plugin WordPress is there?
      Since then, there have been a number of providers of GDPR cookie plugins on the market, although some of these do not comply with the GDPR either, and there have been various judgments regarding Cookiebot. We recommend "Real Cookie Banner", which we mention in our guide.
    • WooCommerce GDPR – what should you consider?
      There are various challenges in terms of data protection, especially for online shops. A flawless privacy policy and a WP GDPR plugin will help to comply with the legal regulations. A WordPress cookie plugin with an automatic scanner, as presented here in the article, is particularly important in eCommerce, as significantly more "sensitive" and personal data is transmitted.


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