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Note: At the bottom of this page we have added a long report on managed WordPress hosting for all those who are looking for the right web hosting themselves.

Host WordPress yourself or book managed hosting in Germany with an agency or provider? This question is probably asked by 99% of all users of the world's most popular CMS. With us, one does not exclude the other! We have our own specially configured WordPress server in Friedersdorf near Berlin where you can own server department as managed WordPress hosting through us.

Your advantages with us as a WordPress hoster with agency standards:

  1. Managed = Always perfectly configured for WP + Woo
  2. Special configuration for best caching (performance) and always up-to-date scripts
  3. Highest security standard for website, shop and e-mails with IP limits, virus protection and log files
  4. Own server access for self-administration
  5. Flexible packages possible at any time

All prices are calculated fairly and are based on our experience as an agency. Compared to other providers, however, we are still very cheap for what we sell on ours own servers in performance with special server configuration for WordPress + WooCommerce Offer.

With our experience from over 1.000+ projects and more than 12 years of WordPress and WooCommerce, we have already seen some cheap hosting and also the apparent premium hosting at an overpriced price. Our WordPress tariffs (see below) for hosting are calculated fairly and are also suitable for professional users and agencies.

Advantages and what distinguishes our web hosting:

  • German data center
  • German data protection standard
  • Maximum security standards
  • performance guarantee since only a small number of customers are on one server
  • SSD server based on RAID1
  • (Database) outsourcing purely via SSD
  • Opcode Cache + APCu Caching + Memcache + Redis Cache is also possible
  • Free SSL encryption possible
  • HTTP/2 encryption!
  • Email encryption via SSL/TLS
  • 99,9% average availability
  • 128/256/512 or up to 1.024MB PHP memory limit
  • Data flat rate (traffic)
  • Daily backup
  • FTP, POP3, IMAP & Webmail access
  • All DNS entries freely manageable
  • Always current script versions (PHP 7.3+)
  • default Spam and virus protection for email and FTP
  • Easy Management of cron jobs
  • Function for Network drive unlockable (optional for an extra charge)
  • Additional modules can be booked at any time
  • 24/7 support for premium customers with a permanent contact person
  • Power to our data centers is going off renewable energy sources generates

Server status:

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Web Hosting Domains WordPress Hosting Performance Hosting
hosted with 100% green electricity from all-inkl.com
hosted with servers in Germany by all-inkl.com

Our WordPress tariffs and managed web hosting packages

budget hosting
€238,80 per year
5 GB SSD web space (incl. emails & database)
1 .de domain (other domain extensions for a surcharge)
10 subdomains
1 MySQL database
3 e-mail mailboxes POP3/IMAP (unlimited storage space) + webmail access + e-mail autoresponder
✔ HTTP/2 - SSL encryption (https://)
✔ Email encryption
✔ Unlimited traffic
✔ Own admin access for unrestricted administration
✔ Particularly fast response + processing times 4-24 hours (weekdays)
Extreme Hosting (Performance Server)
€1.078,80 per year
50 GB SSD web space (incl. emails & database)
3 .de domains (other domain extensions for a surcharge)
unlimited subdomains
10 databases
30 e-mail mailboxes POP3/IMAP (unlimited storage space) + webmail access + e-mail autoresponder
✔ HTTP/2 - SSL encryption (https://)
✔ Email encryption
✔ unlimited traffic
✔ Opcode Cache + APCu Caching + Memcache + Redis Cache!
✔ Own admin access for unrestricted administration
✔ Particularly fast response + processing times 4-24 hours (weekdays)

Learn more about our:

Web Hosting Packages

All prices are to be paid annually in advance and are net plus 19% VAT. 3 months notice before expiration. No setup fee for web hosting packages! Please note that we have to charge fees for homepage moves, domain transfers and e-mail backups. You will be informed of these in advance.

Pornographic content (adult content) as well as content with a right-wing extremist, National Socialist character and websites whose content violates common decency and file sharing are not permitted.

Other hosting services

As WordPress agency and WooCommerce Agency we have understood the needs of our customers for over 10 years and therefore offer individual services as well as special WordPress services and help.

WordPress installation

WordPress installation with our agency standard for a really clean base - WooCommerce optional.

ab 180 -

WordPress migration service

We move your website or shop from your current hoster to our hosting.

ab 120 -

WordPress check/audit

WordPress moved, but performance doesn't fit or errors? We do an audit with an optimization checklist.

ab 390 -

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    Email: fi@vastcob.com

    Florian Ibe

    WordPress Hosting: Our Top XNUMX Web Hosts for Websites and WooCommerce Shops

    If you're looking for a good WordPress hosting provider, you've come to the right place. In this article we will recommend three web hosts that we have been working with for many years. Our favorite host tops the list - they've been our host for all of our own WordPress sites since 2008. We rented several servers and hosted, managed and optimized over 300 active client sites with them.

    WordPress hosting is the basis of every WordPress website or WooCommerce hosting of a WooCommerce online shop. The web posting must be high-performance, support current PHP versions and ideally also higher values ​​for PHP memory limit over 512MB (8+ GB RAM should be available at least), max input vars and PHP time limit in the allow settings. An SSD memory as a hard disk must be standard. The aim is simple operation, fast loading times and server-side script execution + caching. In this article we recommend three web hosting providers that we have been working with for many years. Our favorite at number 1 has been our host for all of our own WordPress websites since 2008. Here we have rented several servers and hosted, managed and optimized over 300 active WordPress sites and web projects.

    Introduction to WordPress hosting and why it is important to choose the right WordPress web host for your website and shop

    As a WordPress user, you may have come across the term “WordPress hosting” before. But what exactly is WordPress hosting and a web host?

    In short, WordPress hosting is the type of web hosting designed specifically for WordPress websites. This means the web host has optimized their servers and infrastructure for WordPress, which can result in faster load times and better overall performance.

    Besides, a good WordPress host also offers features like one-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, and more.

    ATTENTION: We explicitly do NOT recommend this 1-click WordPress installation!

    So why is WordPress hosting so important? Well, because it can make or break your website. If you choose an inferior host, your website will likely suffer from slow loading times, frequent downtime, and other performance issues. In the worst case, some important plugins do not work or even the backend editor cannot be opened.

    In order to run a successful WordPress website or online store, you need to make sure your host meets certain of these requirements. Otherwise you will probably run into problems later. So we've compiled this list of our top three WordPress hosts that meet (and exceed) all of our criteria.

    As WordPress agency and WooCommerce Agency With more than 10 years of experience, we have already seen some really bad hosting providers and some small "private" providers. Creepy!

    The wrong hosting is like trying to start a 3-hour race with 10 wheels on the car and only 24% left in the tank!

    Anyone who has ever built a website or online store using WooCommerce knows that WordPress hosting is the foundation upon which everything rests. It must be fast, offer the latest PHP versions, allow high PHP memory values ​​(over 512 MB), maximum input variables and a PHP time limit in the settings. In short: Ease of use for the user of web hosting, fast loading times and server-side script execution + caching are important.

    WP as a content management system and Woo as a shop supplement are systems that make many PHP and database queries, which is why performance hosting is so extremely important. Especially when many website visitors access the site or shop at the same time, reliable provision with appropriate performance is important.

    Overview and information about our three favorite WordPress web hosts, including performance, pricing and features.

    We have been working with WordPress for a long time. In fact, we've been using it to create websites and online stores for over 12 years. And in that time, we've learned quite a bit about what makes a good WordPress host.

    So if you are looking for one powerful, reliable and affordable WordPress host then you should check out these top three providers.

    Our three favorite arguably the best WordPress hosting providers are:

    1. Favourite: All inclusive (Neue Medien Münnich)* is our top choice for WordPress managed hosting + shared hosting + server hosting
    2. Raid Boxes* with Starter, Fully Managed & Pro hosting package
    3. HostPress

    We have worked with all three providers for many years and they are our absolute favorites. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good WordPress hoster.

    On Raidboxes & HostPress we would like in this article not get into more detail.

    In comparison, however, there is our absolute favorite.

    Here are just a few of the top reasons:

    • Excellent value for money
    • Variety of functions without long waiting times
    • Functionality in 99.9% without problems (otherwise the support will help directly!)
    • Up-to-dateness of scripts and server operating systems
    • Redis cache possible with your own server (not in the simple hosting package)
    • Backup function in hosting (tip: still secure yourself with BackWpUp!)
    • Fast support (24/7 around the clock) and real help with problems without standard answers and German support team!

    So if you're looking for a powerful, reliable, and affordable WordPress host, check out these top three providers today! You will not be disappointed.

    Why we recommend this WP Hoster & Webhosting provider

    All inclusive (Neue Medien Münnich)* is our top choice for WordPress hosting + server hosting. And why? Because they offer great performance, an affordable price, and great features. We have been working with them for many years and they are our absolute favorite WordPress host. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good WordPress host. When it comes to online marketing with WordPress and a German IP address, we have only had the best experiences.

    About All-inkl.com new media münnich GmbH

    All-inkl.com new media münnich GmbH is a German hosting company founded in 2000 and has over 100 employees. The company offers domain registration, web hosting, server virtualization and colocation services (server housing) with system solutions.

    Some of the other reasons we love all inclusive and the other providers

    1. German web hosting based in Germany (server location)
    2. Extremely fast support (sometimes under 15 minutes and also on public holidays)
    3. Free configuration with almost no limits via wp-config.php, htaccess or admin panel (menu in administration)
    4. Simple backend with no frills (even if it looks a bit dated!)
    5. Changes in the server and hosting admin become active within seconds
    6. Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for all domains (worldwide standard without specially signed or expensive add-ons)
    7. Part or complete use of green electricity (Co2 neutral)

    If you are looking for a good WordPress hosting provider, you cannot go wrong with any of these three providers. They are all good choices for your online business and we are confident that you will be satisfied with any of them.

    Which providers we not can recommend (our opinion)

    There are of course many other WordPress hosting providers out there. Here we want to talk briefly about which ones we not recommend and why, in our opinion

    bad We have had experiences with WP Engine, GoDaddy, SiteGround, Bluehost, GetFlywheel, for example. In our opinion, these providers over-promote their services, often don't deliver on what they promise (e.g. "optimized WordPress hosting"), support is often very slow or totally inadequate, and prices are simply too high for what is actually delivered becomes. We therefore advise against using these providers.

    Apart from that, these providers are not in the EU but in the third country, which is part of the GDPR & TTDSG can become problematic.

    German web hosts which we unfortunately also not can recommend:

    – Do not recommend Ionos Web Hosting (formerly known as "11 Internet") & Strato Web Hosting. The group, which originally started as a telecommunications provider, simply added web hosting and server technology years ago in order to continue to grow. As a now large corporation, providers such as Strato and co are simply bought. Since April 2017, however, Strato AG, like 1 & 1 Ionos, has belonged to the parent company United Internet AG. One can speak of MASS processing for both providers here, especially in the normal parcel area. The support is often untrained, really has no idea and cannot help. The limits in web hosting and even in server packages are incredibly low. We no longer serve customers with these hosting packages / hosting tariffs because the backend and frontend are just too slow.

    Why do so many host there anyway: TV advertising and marketing in the millions reach the masses. Damage, because with the resources, a much better service could be created.

    - domainFactory: We have hosted many of our customers' websites here for years and have mostly been satisfied. However, in recent years there have been increasing problems with PHP memory limits, maximum input variables and script execution times. Therefore we are gradually migrating all Wp pages to other hosts.

    - Host Europe: We had a root server here for about two years and were generally satisfied. The price/performance ratio is okay, but the support could be better. We have had to wait up to 24 hours for an email response several times. It is also very annoying that the domain settings take up to 15 minutes.

    - hetzner: We have hosted several servers here for our agency clients over the years and have been very happy with the machines. The prices are more than fair, but the support could be better here too. In our experience, it often took 12-24 hours before we received a response via email. Unfortunately, the performance is also in line with the price, which is not suitable for larger sites OR is then more attractively priced with other WordPress hosters.

    All hosting providers and third-party providers are absolutely reputable and have good offers, but if you need fast support and the best performance, you should choose another web hosting provider.

    However, if you are looking for good WordPress hosting at a reasonable price, we suggest you take a look at our three top recommendations above.

    Which WordPress host is right for you, your project and online business?

    All-inkl.com Neue Medien Münnich has been our hoster for all of our own WordPress websites since 2008. We have rented several servers here and hosted, managed and optimized over 300 active customer sites. The combination of the services web hosting, domain registration (desired domain), e-mail mailbox and fast German first-class support is very convenient and makes life easier - especially for beginners with a quick start. If you are looking for a professional WordPress hoster with first-class support & direct contact, then you have come to the right place!

    to all inclusive*

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