WordPress Pinterest Plugin Automatic + WooCommerce Pinterest for Products All in One

With the plugin you can automatically "pin" posts, pages and products from WooCommerce on Pinterest. With just a few clicks, you can bulk post and edit to Pinterest based on the blog, pages or online store products manually or automatically. Also, all the data required for Rich Pins products is added in Open Graph format and there is an option to track conversions with the Pinterest tag.

WordPress Pinterest Plugin Automatic + WooCommerce Pinterest for products – The all in one solution

Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. Pinterest is non-existent for most, estimated at more than 80% of the social media world. Everyone knows how profitable Facebook, Instagram and Google can be, but very few people use Pinterest and the enormous potential is therefore underestimated. With this WordPress + WooCommerce Pinterest Plugin you automate the activity on this image network with high Google integration for more traffic and search engine hits (Impressions). You will find 5 helpful tips for actively passive customer acquisition via Pinterest here .

Use the Pinterest for WP + Woo integration to connect your blog, website or online shop to the world's largest social network for ideas, inspiration and interesting products and brands. On Pinterest you can promote your products to 250 million monthly active users.

Automatically post & share WordPress & WooCommerce posts, pages and products on Pinterest

The Pinterest automatic with this plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce is unbeatable. Just connect your Pinterest account and forget about it as Pinterest Automatic will do all the pinning work for you and populate boards automatically. With already approx 6.000 installs and more than 500 positive reviews as well as regular updates, this extension is popular as a plugin for the worldwide Content Management system and shop system perfect.

To the WP + Woo Pinterest Automatic Plugin

Of course, this plugin can also be back in be translated into German with Loco Translate.

The most important plugin functions

Adding pins to your Pinterest account via the WordPress dashboard, the overview pages per taxonomy or in the edit function per page, article or product
The plugin allows you to select images on the product page to add/edit which will be pinned in your account on Pinterest. Along with the product image, all the data provided by Rich Pins is also transmitted: name, description, price, availability.

Key Features

  • Attach as many images as you like: Pinterest Automatic can pin from one image to all images from the posts directly to your Pinterest account.
  • Bulk Editing Pins: Posts can be queued for pinning in bulk. Select the posts you want and the plugin will pin them one by one according to the set schedule. The number of images to pin per post can be set to all.
  • Automatic image recognition: Pinterest Automatically recognizes images from your post and then lists them where you can decide which images to pin.
  • Automatic board recognition: Pinterest Automatic automatically detects boards in your Pinterest account, so you can choose which board you want to pin images to.
  • Queue system (Queque): The plugin queues images that are eligible for pinning and pins them by a random interval. This allows for an unlimited number of images to be pinned with ease.

Automatically link pins to your post: All pins link directly to your posts. Once a Pinterest user clicks the pin, they'll be taken to your post on your site. The PIN link can still be a set link or a link from a custom field. The image can also be uploaded without a link back, like images uploaded from the computer.

Default pin text and pinboard: You can set a default pin text or board that all pins will be pinned to, so you don't have to type text every time

Supported Tags: Placeholders can be used flexibly in the pin text, replacing each placeholder with the corresponding value from the pinned post:

  • [image_alt]: will be replaced with the image alt text
  • [post_title]: The post title will be replaced
  • [post_tags]: Will be replaced with the post tags after converting to pinterest hash tags
  • [post_excerpt]: Let the post excerpt replace you
  • [post_link]: Let the post link replace you
  • [post_author]: Will be replaced with the author of the post
  • [post_category]: Will be replaced with the post category
  • [product_price]: Will be replaced with the WooCommerce product price
  • [customFieldName]: will be replaced with the custom field value

Support for custom post types: If you have a portfolio or gallery or post type, Pinterest automatically supports them

WooCommerce support: If you have a WordPress eCommerce or WooCommerce based website, Pinterest Automatic can pin your products to Pinterest

Bots support: Pinterest Automatic can pin bots posts like posts from Wordpress Automatic. It can pin the featured image, a specific number of images, or all images from each post.

Image support for custom fields: If you have saved an image url in a custom field, you can tell the plugin to pin the image from that custom field

Detecting images to be detected from the front end: If your images are not in BACKEND are displayed, can still see them from the front end. For example, some galleries are created with a shortcode in the BACKEND displayed.

Pinning full-size WordPress images from thumbnails: Pinterest automatically checks if a full-size image is available for pinning instead of thumbnails.

Specific WordPress category for Pinterest board support: You can set which board the image should be assigned to according to its category. Set an unlimited number of board rule categories * Note that the image will only be sent to one board.

Specific support for WordPress tags for Pinterest boards: You can specify on which board to pin the image according to the tags.

Custom jQuery selector: If the images are not in the editor and are visible elsewhere on the edit page, a custom jQuery selector can be set for the plugin to use to fetch the images.

Custom taxonomies: In the Category onboard section, the plugin can list categories from custom taxonomies.

Spintax activated: Spintax form can be used for pin text like {awesome | cool | nice} can be used. Only one word is randomly selected for each pin

Post recommended image as a pin: The plugin can pin the recommended image to Pinterest.

Support for scheduled posts: Select the images to pin. Once your scheduled post is published, it will be pinned.

cron job: The plugin can use the internal WordPress cron job and a dedicated cron job.

Show administrators only option: The plugin has the ability to display only for administrators.

Proxy support:  Proxies can be used flexibly to establish a connection.

Excluded Categories: Pinterest Automatic can unpin the post if it belongs to a certain category.

Automatic creation of Excerpts: Pinterest Automatic can automatically create an excerpt of your content with a specified character length.

Exclude small images: Pinterest Automatic allows you to exclude images smaller than a certain width from pinning.

duplicates skip: There is a possibility to skip pinning the same image from the same post twice

Exclude by category: Skip specified categories

Exclude images that contain specific text : You can specify specific text if included in the pinned image URL and excluded from pinning

Flixible tags number: It can include the post tags as hashtags in the pin description. A specific number of tags can also be selected to be included

Search and replace in image source link, pin link or pin tags: You can replace certain parts in the final values ​​sent to Pinterest with others.

Random pin interval: You can set a random pin interval between pins, starting from 3 minutes. The plugin pins images with a random interval in between.

Plugin visibility filter: You can optionally set the plugin to be visible only to administrators.

Parameter Automatically attach to pin links: The plugin can automatically attach predefined parameters to the pin link for tracking purposes

Automatic updates: The plugin can be updated directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Detailed action log: Automatically updated action log listing all actions performed by the plugin

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin WooCommerce

Source: codecanyon.net

Features of the Pinterest plugins:

  • A secure connection between WooCommerce and Pinterest
  • List your entire WooCommerce product catalog on Pinterest in minutes
  • Automatically add new products to your Pinterest boards
  • Open Graph Markup enhances and makes your product images stand out
  • Visitors can save your product images to their Pinterest boards
  • Each pin contains a direct link to the product on your website
  • Manage all Pins in one place and sync images, prices and product details in real-time
  • Use the Pinterest tag to track conversions

The extension adds the required to the product pages Open Graph markup for Pinterest to validate it and automatically transfer the related details (product name, description, price and stock availability).

Updating pins after updating a product

If you change product data (of the products presented on Pinterest) in the WooCommerce dashboard - price, description, name or tick for additional product images - all pins are automatically added to the update queue on Pіnterest.

Add multiple Pins to the All Products, All Posts, or All Pages page

The ability to choose everything to be published. The article picture + possibly further photos (manually changeable) is used for a pin.

Bulk update of the added pins

This feature allows you to do a bulk update of the created pins from the WordPress dashboard. This allows you to quickly update the price, description and name of the products in all pins.

Ability to set up an automatic creation of a PIN description based on product shortcodes

The ability to not only transfer the product description to the pin description, but to form a shortcodes based template that will help transfer the additional product data such as product price, name, url, description, short description and site name.

Adding the Rich Pins markup to the product page

The plugin also adds the necessary Open Graph markup to the product page so that it is validated by Pinterest and all necessary data is automatically transferred. E

Multiple image queue

To avoid getting your account banned on Pinterest, all operations should be performed during the time specified in the plugin settings (we recommend 1 minute) and in the order suggested by the queue.

Analysis of pins, performance and community

The Pinterest tag (similar to Facebook Pixel) allows you to track your customers' actions on your website after showing your sponsored PIN. You can use this information to measure return on ad spend (RoAS) and create audiences targeted to your Promoted Pins.

Reviews of Pinterest Automatic for WordPress & WooCommerce (partially translated):
  • Excellent support !! It is one of the best software providers here on Codecanyon. Thank you for updating the plugin. Now it works perfectly.
  • We're celebrating 1 million monthly views Super, the plugin works much better than before. It helped us get the first ones 1 million views per month and about 21.000 Views to achieve per month. Before the Using Pinterest was a nightmare for me. Do hard work, get stuck manually and eventually get 5k-9k monthly views and nobody is engaged. After you used it and did nothing, everything works automatically, 0 work = 1m monthly view and thousands of engaged people. Really great plugin.
  • One of the best plugins I've ever bought!
  • There are many options in the settings panel - this is great

Boost your brand and find new customers with Pinterest for WooCommerce integration

Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin

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To the WP + Woo Pinterest Automatic Plugin

Or if you only want to use it for products in the shop:

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