WordPress Translate Plugin Loco Translate for Plugins, Themes & WooCommerce

With the WordPress translator plugin Loco Translate you can easily, quickly and free of charge translate WordPress themes and plugins as well as WooCommerce for BACKEND and frontend.

Translate WordPress – Plugins + Themes with Loco Translate WPML & MultilingualPress

Loco Translate allows the translation of WordPress, plugins and themes directly in the browser - BACKEND from WordPress – without programming knowledge and FTP access!

to the Loco Translate plugin

It also provides handy localization tools for developers to, for example, extract translatable strings directly from PHP files and generate POT templates.

Language Fallback Plugin | you -> you:

With Loco Translate you can:

  • ✔ Translate WordPress Themes
  • ✔ Translate WordPress template
  • ✔ Translate WordPress plugin
  • ✔ Translate WordPress to German
  • ✔ Translate WooCommerce to German

The other plugins to make WordPress MULTILINGUAL and translatable:

WPML: https://wpml.org/de/
WPML makes building and running multilingual sites easy. It's powerful for corporate sites, but simple for blogs.

Multilingual Press: https://multilingualpress.de/
The right way to create a multilingual WordPress website.

The Envato marketplace for themes and plugins

Over 100.000 WordPress themes & website templates, plugins and extensions from just €5
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Florian Ibe
Florian Ibe
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