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Woocommerce Google Analytics Version 4 Integration Plugin Ga4 Shop Tracking

If you run an online store with WooCommerce, then you should use Google Analytics to measure your store's performance. From April 01.07.2023th, XNUMX Google Universal Analytics (UA) will be discontinued. It is therefore all the more important to use Google Analytics 4 now in order to have measured values, reports and, above all, functioning e-commerce tracking for turnover, sales and product performance as quickly as possible. In this article we will show you how to activate WooCommerce Google Analytics 4 and that advanced e-commerce tracking and/or event tracking (conversions) for forms and lead generation to use. We will also show you how to understand the report and how to use the data sensibly for more sales.

Google Analytics 4 for WooCommerce integrated as a WordPress plugin in just 5 minutes and set up with all important measurement data!

Accept required services and load content in just 5 minutes Set up WordPress WooCommerce Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking and use conversion tracking WITHOUT Google Tag Manager, without HTML and without programming knowledge.

With WordPress + WooCommerce Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for Conversion + Advanced Sales Data, MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin gives you insights into your WooCommerce Sales Funnel and save up Don't forget the annoying, complex and error-prone integration with the Google Tag Manager for ecommerce tracking with your WooCommerce shop.

The Advanced Google Analytics 4 Tracking Plugin by MonsterInsights for your WooCommerce store* that's probably best google analytics plugin 4 for wordpress. With just a few clicks you can set up advanced ecommerce tracking for your WooCommerce store, without having to hire a developer or write code.

If you're not using Google Analytics to track your WooCommerce store's performance, then you're missing out on a lot of valuable data. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for websites and online shops that can help you understand your customers' behavior as an online retailer and make better decisions for your business.

This article will show you how to do everything related to "How do I activate or switch to Google Analytics version 4?"

Now use GA4 for WP + Woo*

When is Google Analytics 4 coming?

Google Analytics version 4 was released in October 2020. The WordPress WooCommerce integration as a plugin for GA4 has been available since early 2022.

Important: Google Universal Analytics (UA) will be discontinued on July 01.07.2023st, XNUMX.

What is different in Google Analytics version 4?

The biggest difference is that Google Analytics version 4 uses a new data model, or machine learning model, to make predictions about your customers and their behavior. This means it can give you more accurate data than ever before.

This means that the way data is collected and organized is different from previous analytics.

If you're already using Google Analytics for your website, you might be wondering if you should upgrade to the latest version. Definitely yes!

In the next paragraph you will find a brief overview of the innovations in Google Analytics Version 4 and how your business as an online shop can benefit from them.

Google Analytics 4 differences to the "old" UA:

  • The All Products report has been replaced with the new Products report.
  • The Product Listing report has been replaced with the new Advanced Ecommerce report.
  • The Sales Performance report has been replaced with the new Revenue Report.
  • The Shipping Costs and Coupons reports have been replaced with the new Shipping Report and Coupon Report, respectively.
  • The Product Ratings report has been replaced with the new Product Ratings report.

What's new in the Google Analytics release?

The version of Google Analytics includes a number of features intended to provide more accurate data, including

  • Using machine learning to automatically identify and group similar events together
  • A new architecture that enables the collection of granular data while reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent to Google
  • The ability to collect data from any device, including wearables and IoT devices
  • New features that allow you to better understand your users' behavior, including user session replay and heatmaps
  • Improved data migration for Google Ads to evaluate the conversion rate and many more

How does my WooCommerce store benefit from Google Analytics version 4?

There are a number of benefits your WooCommerce store can reap from upgrading to Google Analytics version four, including

- More accurate data to help you make better decisions about your business

– The ability to collect data from any device, which is especially important given that many people today make purchases on their phones

- New features that give you insights into your customers' behavior so you can better understand how they interact with your store.

When you're ready to upgrade to Google Analytics version four, WooCommerce makes it easy. Just follow the instructions in this article.

These are just some of the new features in Google Analytics version four. As you can see, there is, so if you're ready to get started, follow the instructions in this article and upgrade your WooCommerce store to GA4 today!

The Best WordPress Analytics Plugin

How to Activate WooCommerce Google Analytics Version 4 Integration?

Activating GA4 requires two steps. Firstly you need to create a GA4 property and secondly you need to enable the Google Analytics integration in your WooCommerce settings with the plugin mentioned below. We have detailed both steps below.

To create a new GA4 property:

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  • Click Admin in the left sidebar
  • In the "Property" column "Properties" click on "Create property"
  • Select "Web" and then click "Next"
  • Enter a name for your property and click "Create"
  • Once the property is created, select it in the list and click Data Settings in the left sidebar.
  • In the Data Settings, under the Data Collection section, click the Customize Data Collection tab.
  • In the "Data Collection" section, check the box next to "Enable Google Analytics tracking for my WooCommerce store"
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page

Your WooCommerce shop is now ready for data collection with GA 4 - see next paragraph!

Google Analytics 4 WooCommerce integration with plugin

If you're looking to switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics tracking 4 for your WooCommerce store, or if you're just getting started with ecommerce tracking and data analysis, then this blog post is for you. We'll show you how to enable WooCommerce Google Analytics 4 tracking and we'll also give you some insights into the nature of ecommerce data.

This plugin replaces our previous suggestion for WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro (click for blog article).

Here are the benefits of using MonsterInsights for your WooCommerce store:

  • Get insights into which products are selling and which aren't
  • Discover which countries your customers come from
  • See which coupon codes are most popular and increase sales
  • See detailed e-commerce reports & events about your earnings, shipping costs and more

To start with WooCommerce Google Analytics 4, click on the following button and buy the pro version of the plugin:

Now use GA4 in WooCommerce*

Once you have purchased and downloaded the plugin, follow the instructions below to set up Enhanced ECommerce tracking for your WooCommerce store.

  • Log into your WordPress account and navigate to the Plugins section.
  • Click the Add New button and search for MonsterInsights.
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Navigate to the "Overview" tab and click on the "Settings" sub-tab.-On the "General" tab, select "WooCommerce" from the "Platform" drop-down list.
  • Click the Save Changes button.
  • Navigate to the Ecommerce tab and click the Enable Enhanced ECommerce tracking for WooCommerce stores checkbox.
  • Click on the "Save" button.

That's it! You have successfully activated Enhanced ECommerce Tracking for your WooCommerce store.

Once you have the MonsterInsights plugin installed, setting up WooCommerce Google Analytics is a breeze.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as well WooCommerce Agency Report.

Have fun selling!

Features of Woo MonsterInsights GA4 Plugin:

Set up universal website tracking and Google Analytics 4 across devices and campaigns with just a few clicks (no code).

  • Google Analytics dashboard
    View your website analytics report right in your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights.
  • Real Time Statistics
    Get real-time stats right inside WordPress to see who's online, what they're doing, and more.
  • Improved ecommerce tracking
    1-Click Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads & MemberPress and more.
  • Page-level analytics
    Get detailed stats for each post and page so you can see the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your site.
  • Affiliate Link & Ad Tracking
    Automatically track clicks on your affiliate links, banner ads, and other outbound links with our link tracking.
  • EU compliance (GDPR friendly)
    Automatically make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations. (see also paragraph below with more information)
  • Custom dimensions
    Set up tracking for authors, categories, tags, searches, custom post types, users and other events with one click.
  • Performance & Optimization
    Enable Google Optimize for A/B testing, customize speed and sample rate, and several other advanced features.

Buy & install GA4 plugin now*

Included in the Plus license:

  • standard reports
  • Real-time analytics dashboard in WordPress
  • Full date range history
  • publishing report
  • Website Speed ​​Report
  • Search terms report
  • Email Summaries
  • PDF export
  • standard tracking
  • Universal Analytics tracking
  • scroll tracking
  • Automatic event tracking
  • media tracking
  • 7+ Other Powerful Tracking:
    1. engagement tracking
    2. File download tracking
    3. Affiliate link tracking
    4. Enhanced link attribution
    5. Banner ad tracking
    6. Google AMP tracking
    7. Facebook instant article tracking
  • growth tools
    Headline Analyzer
  • Popular Posts (20+ Templates)
  • Smart URL Generator

Recommendation: Buy a Pro license because of the following advantages (it's worth it!):

  • Automatic advanced ecommerce tracking for WooCommerce with user journey reports to better understand your customers.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Analysis
  • WPForms analysis
  • + MemberPress, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form 7, LifterLMS, GiveWP, Restrict Content Pro, WordPress comment forms, and other generic forms.

Buy GA4 Plugin Pro version now*


Google Analytics 4 advantages:

  • Allows you to see your complete sales funnel
  • You get insights into the products that customers are adding to and removing from their carts
  • See which products are selling and which aren't
  • Discover which countries your customers come from

Is Google Analytics 4 free?

Google Analytics 4 is free. However, tracking all ecommerce data is only possible with the purchase of the Pro version of MonsterInsights. The Pro version includes all the features you need to get started, including ecommerce tracking, real-time reporting, and more.

Is Google Analytics 4 GDPR Compliant?

The short answer is yes, Google Analytics version 4 is EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. However, we recommend that you take a few extra steps to ensure your data collection and processing is fully GDPR compliant. See the paragraph below for more information on how to make your WooCommerce store GDPR compliant.

Use Google Analytics 4 data protection within the framework of the DSGVO & TTDSG

We recommend the Real Cookie Banner with automatic cookie recognition:

WordPress GDPR Plugin (TTDSG) – data protection compliant with cookie solution

This is also our favorite Alternatives to Borlabs Cookie Banner!

This plugin displays cookie information in an elegant and effective way and allows you to comply with the GDPR/EU cookie law, semi-automatically generating relevant information in and around the cookie banner.

The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce and allows you to integrate "Cookie Control" into your WooCommerce store.

Important hints:

  • IP anonymization is now enabled by default.
  • The User ID feature has been removed.
  • The "Advertising" feature has been removed.

If you're looking for a way to collect and display data while respecting your users' privacy, Google Analytics 4 is a great option. And with the WooCommerce Google Analytics integration, getting started is easy.

To get started, click the button below and purchase the pro version of the plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, follow the instructions below to set up advanced ecommerce tracking for your WooCommerce store.

If you don't work with WordPress, we recommend using one of the other methods described in this article. However, if you are using WordPress & WooComemrce then read on to learn how to connect WooCommerce Google Analytics 4 to your store.

Thank you for reading! We hope this article helped you learn more about Google Analytics version 4 and how it can benefit your WooCommerce store.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that you can use to measure your store's performance. However, it can be difficult to set up. Thankfully, there are plugins that can help you integrate WooCommerce with Google Analytics.

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