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Wordpress Seo Search Engine Optimization Yoast Keyword Analysis Monitoring Woocommerce

WordPress SEO – Yoast with synonyms and keyword distribution

Powerful WordPress SEO (Text and Search Engine Optimization) - Yoast SEO Plugin with Synonyms and Keyword Distribution The text semantics like synonyms and the automatic detection of keyword distribution and relation is difficult. [...]

WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit: bulk editing of products in the shop

A dream of many customers and standard with every installation: The function of bulk processing for products in the WooCommerce online shop as a simple table (like Excel) without [...]

WooCommerce Cart Storage | Cart Reports Plugin German explanation

Saving the WooCommerce shopping cart is one of the most important optimizations to make more sales with your own online shop with WordPress & WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Variable Products with Product Extra Options

WooCommerce variable products give every shop the flexibility for colors, sizes, designs to suitable variants. Product extra options offer even more possibilities.
Woocommerce federal states selection field checkout checkout Germanized German Market Wordpress Shop Webshop

WooCommerce checkout Enable state selector

WooCommerce checkout Activate state selection field WooCommerce as a shop system comes from the international market. States, provinces or areas within a country are normally native to the US only [...]

Simply implement WordPress shop WooCommerce product configurator (product designer)

A WordPress + WooCommerce product configurator or designer is commonly used to design and customize custom products in online stores like your WooCommerce store. Customers can design their desired product, design it freely, configure it and receive the corresponding price for their individual product. In this article we have listed the top 5 WooCommerce product configurator & designer plugins, because there are no more good ones ;)
Woocommerce Sales Boost More Sales Sales Customers Sales Increase Conversion Optimization Wordpress Shop

10 WooCommerce Plugins for More Sales & Revenue Without Disturbing Customers (Sales Boost)

More customers, more sales and even more turnover? Increase online sales through strategic upselling, discounts and bundling (product bundles/groups) and intelligent solutions such as Amazon, [...]

WooCommerce Customer Groups Prices / Discounts – Top 5 Role Based Pricing Plugins

Pricing based on customers and customer groups is one of the most important components of the business strategy of an online shop operator, in this case a WooCommerce shop. In a time of [...]
Inexpensive shipping costs Package comparison Cheap shipping Packlink Pro online shop online trade

Inexpensive shipping for online retailers: This is how the package cost comparison succeeds in order to be able to send packages cheaply

Many still dream of it and others have already dared to take the step: their own online shop. Everything could be so simple: set up a shop, place advertising, process payment [...]

WP WooCommerce Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Conversion Enhanced Advanced

Set up WordPress WooCommerce Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking in just 5 minutes and use conversion tracking WITHOUT Google Tag Manager, without HTML and without any programming knowledge.
Woocommerce purchase price supplier number additional fields acf

Store purchase price, supplier number and much more in WooCommerce with additional fields (ACF)

Implementing an online shop with WordPress + WooCommerce is the best way to start flexibly into a future in e-commerce. But then the wish often comes [...]

WordPress WooCommerce merchandise management WaWi – Best solution for your shop

Looking for merchandise management for your WooCommerce online shop? Manage the WooCommerce shop inventory and link other marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc.? The Billbee WaWi Cloud solution does [...]

WordPress Translate Plugin Loco Translate for Plugins, Themes & WooCommerce

With the WordPress translator plugin Loco Translate you can easily, quickly and free of charge translate WordPress themes and plugins as well as WooCommerce for backend and frontend.
Woocommerce quantity specification decimal partial quantities comma plugin quantity control by the meter

WooCommerce quantity specification decimal partial quantities (comma) – plugin for quantity control (e.g. 0,5 meter goods)

With the WooCommerce plugin you have full quantity control + many ways of designing the quantity entry in the online shop on the product page. The plugin allows within less [...]
Woocommerce Price Calculator Unit Prices Dimensions Area Square Meters Volume Weight

Plugin: WooCommerce price calculator / calculator for unit prices, dimensions, square meters, volume or weight

Sell ​​items at unit prices or allow customers to add their own quantities with the meter price calculator. The WordPress + WooCommerce plugin "Measurement Price Calculator" enables a flexible [...]

WordPress Pinterest Plugin Automatic + WooCommerce Pinterest for Products All in One

With the plugin you can automatically "pin" posts, pages and products from WooCommerce on Pinterest. With just a few clicks you can do so on Pinterest [...]

WooCommerce B2B Shop & B2B Market Plugin solution in German

WooCommerce B2B B2C solution: The e-commerce world is divided into e-commerce B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer): In B2C e-commerce, the customer is an end consumer, [...]

What is WordPress and what can the CMS do?

As one of THE WordPress agencies in Germany and the DACH region, we are always asked what exactly WordPress actually is. We therefore have the most important information once [...]
Woocommerce products sorting function order sort products

WooCommerce product sorting / order with current version

A customer recently wanted to adjust the sort order of their WordPress WooCommerce products on the archive page for product categories and of course also on the main shop page as well as in used widgets on normal pages, [...]
WordPress Review Plugin Review Rating Stars Google Woocommerce Reviews Products Pages Posts

The best WordPress review plugins for reviews on pages, posts and products in the shop

The Best WordPress Review Plugins for Reviews on Shop Pages, Posts and Products Are you looking for the best product review plugins for WordPress and/or WooCommerce? This is a [...]
Woocommerce Product Page Pdf Export Pdf Export

Export WooCommerce Product Page as PDF (PDF Export)

Would you like to export a nice PDF of a product with all the important properties, prices and details for an offer, for documents or for a customer appointment? no problem [...]
Woocommerce Multisite Sync Automatic Products Sync Multiple Shops Api

Automatically sync products across multiple stores with WooCommerce Multisite Sync

If you have multiple webshops/online stores and want to sync products within multiple subsites of a WordPress Multisite, you can easily do that with the plugins below [...]
Woocommerce Voucher Generator Gift Voucher Coupon Voucher WordPress

Create WooCommerce Voucher Generator (Gift Voucher / Coupon / Voucher) easily

Whether for customer vouchers, for promotions, as a year-round gift idea or for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc., a WooCommerce voucher generator plugin makes it easy [...]
Wordpress Page Builder Pros Cons Top 5 Wordpress Plugins Drag Drop

WordPress Page Builder: Pros & Cons + Top 5 WordPress Plugins

WordPress is becoming more and more popular and many users want a simple drag and drop homepage website builder. There are numerous plugins for that! will be in this post [...]
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